This blog was created to provide a way to share lists of papers I found interesting after sifting through the newly published neuroscience literature each week.

I am a neuroscientist and work in systems neuroscience research.

Things I might be able to pretend I know something about:

  • Systems:

Hippocampus, rodent barrel cortex, somatosensory systems, non-human primate visual cortex, visual systems

  • Methods:

Optogenetics, intrinsic signal optical imaging, electrophysiology, voltage sensitive dye imaging

  • Comic Books



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, huge fan of the blog. I’m a neuroscience student (undergrad) in London and love all the sorts of topics you post about (we cover this sort of stuff very little on my course).

    The papers always make absolutely fascinating reading and I find the list really helps direct my exploration of neuroscience.

    Just wanted to know you are inspiring at least one other young aspiring neuroscientist out there! Do keep it up!

  2. Hi, I am an undergrad at Columbia. I really like your blog! I conduct neuroscience research here and I came across your site by finding papers by P.I. published aha. Great blog! I look forward to the papers your future posts!

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