Friday Paper Post – Posted Thursday May 21st

That time of the year again. The birthday of the man himself :


I’m very sorry I have fallen so far behind. I can’t believe this is my first paper post in 2015.

Cheer up though, there are plenty of great papers to catch up on!

Just a few from the pile. Since most are from much earlier in the year. You might remember seeing them when they came out, but now you can get around to reading them ūüôā

Let’s see how long it will take to catch back up to posting about the most current stuff…

1) Internal models direct dragonfly interception steering Matteo Mischiati, Huai-Ti Lin, Paul Herold, Elliot Imler, Robert Olberg & Anthony Leonardo ; Nature 2015 (link)

2) Three-dimensional head-direction coding in the bat brain Arseny Finkelstein , Dori Derdikman, Alon Rubin, Jakob N. Foerste, Liora Las & Nachum Ulanovsky; Nature 2015 (link)

3) Mechanosensory interactions drive collective behaviour in Drosophila Pavan Ramdya, Pawel Lichocki, Steeve Cruchet, Lukas Frisch, Winnie Tse, Dario Floreano & Richard Benton; Nature 2015 (link)

4) Orientation columns in the mouse superior colliculus Evan H. Feinberg & Markus Meister; Nature 2015 (link)

5) Optogenetic control of organelle transport and positioning Petra van Bergeijk, Max Adrian, Casper C. Hoogenraad & Lukas C. Kapitein ; Nature 2015 (link)

6) Distinct relationships of parietal and prefrontal cortices to evidence accumulation Timothy D. Hanks, Charles D. Kopec, Bingni W. Brunton, Chunyu A. Duan, Jeffrey C. Erlich & Carlos D. Brody ; Nature 2015 (link)

7) Emotional learning selectively and retroactively strengthens memories for related events Joseph E. Dunsmoor, Vishnu P. Murty, Lila Davachi & Elizabeth A. Phelps; Nature 2015 (link)

8) A direct GABAergic output from the basal ganglia to frontal cortex Arpiar Saunders, Ian A. Oldenburg, Vladimir K. Berezovskii, Caroline A. Johnson, Nathan D. Kingery, Hunter L. Elliott, Tiao Xie, Charles R. Gerfen & Bernardo L. Sabatini ; Nature 2015 (link)

9) Shearing-induced asymmetry in entorhinal grid cells Tor Stensola, Hanne Stensola, May-Britt Moser & Edvard I. Moser ; Nature 2015 (link)

10) Grid cell symmetry is shaped by environmental geometry Julija Krupic, Marius Bauza, Stephen Burton, Caswell Barry & John O’Keefe ; Nature 2015 (link)

11) Neural correlates of strategic reasoning during competitive games Hyojung Seo,Xinying Cai, Christopher H. Donahue, Daeyeol Lee ; Science 2015 (link)

12)¬†Electronic dura mater for long-term multimodal neural interfaces Ivan R. Minev, Pavel Musienko, Arthur Hirsch, Quentin Barraud, Nikolaus Wenger, Eduardo Martin Moraud, JeŐĀroŐāme Gandar, Marco Capogrosso, Tomislav Milekovic, LeŐĀonie Asboth, Rafael Fajardo Torres, Nicolas Vachicouras, Qihan Liu, Natalia Pavlova, Simone Duis, Alexandre Larmagnac, Janos VoŐąroŐąs, Silvestro Micera, Zhigang Suo, GreŐĀgoire Courtine, SteŐĀphanie P. Lacour ;¬†Science 2015 (link)

13) Number-space mapping in the newborn chick resembles humans’ mental number line Rosa Rugani, Giorgio Vallortigara, Konstantinos Priftis, Lucia Regolin ; Science 2015 (link)

14)¬†Cell types in the mouse cortex and hippocampus revealed by single-cell RNA-seq Amit Zeisel, Ana B. MunŐÉoz Manchado, Simone Codeluppi, Peter LoŐąnnerberg, Gioele La Manno, Anna JureŐĀus, Sueli Marques, Hermany Munguba, Liqun He, Christer Betsholtz, Charlotte Rolny, GoncŐßalo Castelo-Branco, Jens Hjerling-Leffler, Sten Linnarsson ;¬†Science 2015 (link)

15)¬†Refining deep brain stimulation to emulate optogenetic treatment of synaptic pathology Meaghan Creed, Vincent Jean Pascoli, Christian LuŐąscher¬†;¬†Science 2015 (link)

16) Expansion microscopy Fei Chen, Paul W. Tillberg, Edward S. Boyden ; Science 2015 (link)

17) Theta sequences are essential for internally generated hippocampal firing fields Yingxue Wang, Sandro Romani, Brian Lustig, Anthony Leonardo & Eva Pastalkova ; Nature Neuroscience 2015 (link)

18) A genetically specified connectomics approach applied to long-range feeding regulatory circuits Deniz Atasoy, J Nicholas Betley, Wei-Ping Li, Helen H Su, Sinem M Sertel, Louis K Scheffer, Julie H Simpson, Richard D Fetter & Scott M Sternson ; Nature Neuroscience 2015 (link)

19) Novel domain formation reveals proto-architecture in inferotemporal cortex Krishna Srihasam, Justin L Vincent & Margaret S Livingstone ; Nature Neuroscience 2015 (link)

20) A category-free neural population supports evolving demands during decision-making David Raposo, Matthew T Kaufman & Anne K Churchland ; Nature Neuroscience 2015 (link)

21) A hierarchy of intrinsic timescales across primate cortex John D Murray, Alberto Bernacchia, David J Freedman, Ranulfo Romo, Jonathan D Wallis, Xinying Cai, Camillo Padoa-Schioppa, Tatiana Pasternak, Hyojung Seo, Daeyeol Lee & Xiao-Jing Wang ; Nature Neuroscience 2014 (link)

22 ) Impaired spatial selectivity and intact phase precession in two-dimensional virtual reality Zahra M Aghajan, Lavanya Acharya, Jason J Moore, Jesse D Cushman, Cliff Vuong & Mayank R Mehta ; Nature Neuroscience 2015 (link)

23) Columnar organization of spatial phase in visual cortex Yushi Wang, Jianzhong Jin, Jens Kremkow, Reza Lashgari, Stanley J Komban & Jose M Alonso ; Nature Neuroscience 2015 (link)

24) A learning-based approach to artificial sensory feedback leads to optimal integration Maria C Dadarlat, Joseph E O’Doherty & Philip N Sabes ; Nature Neuroscience 2015 (link)

25) Spatially Selective Holographic Photoactivation and Functional Fluorescence Imaging in Freely Behaving Mice with a Fiberscope Vivien Szabo, Cathie Ventalon, Vincent De Sars, Jonathan Bradley, and Valentina Emiliani ; Neuron 2015 (link)

26)¬†Visualization of NMDA receptor‚Äďdependent AMPA receptor synaptic plasticity in vivo Yong Zhang, Robert H Cudmore, Da-Ting Lin, David J Linden & Richard L Huganir¬†;¬†Nature Neuroscience¬†2015 (link)

27) The neocortical circuit: themes and variations Kenneth D Harris & Gordon M G Shepherd ; Nature Neuroscience 2015 (link)

28) Visual recognition memory, manifested as long-term habituation, requires synaptic plasticity in V1 Sam F Cooke, Robert W Komorowski, Eitan S Kaplan, Jeffrey P Gavornik & Mark F Bear ; Nature Neuroscience 2015 (link)

29) The development of cortical circuits for motion discrimination Gordon B Smith, Audrey Sederberg, Yishai M Elyada, Stephen D Van Hooser, Matthias Kaschube & David Fitzpatrick ; Nature Neuroscience 2015 (link)

30)¬†NeuroGrid: recording action potentials from the surface of the brain Dion Khodagholy, Jennifer N Gelinas, Thomas Thesen, Werner Doyle, Orrin Devinsky, George G Malliaras & GyoŐąrgy BuzsaŐĀki¬†;¬†Nature Neuroscience¬†2014¬†(link)

31) Simultaneous cellular-resolution optical perturbation and imaging of place cell firing fields John Peter Rickgauer, Karl Deisseroth & David W Tank ; Nature Neuroscience 2014 (link)

32) Simultaneous all-optical manipulation and recording of neural circuit activity with cellular resolution in vivo Adam M Packer, Lloyd E Russell, Henry W P Dalgleish & Michael HaŐąusser¬†;¬†Nature Neuroscience¬†2014¬†(link)