Friday Paper Post – May 24th 2014 (back from the dead pt. 4)

Alright this is it! I should finally be caught back up with this last list of papers! Whoo Hoo!

1) Crystal structure of the human glucose transporter GLUT1 Dong Deng, Chao Xu, Pengcheng Sun, Jianping Wu, Chuangye Yan, Mingxu Hu & Nieng Yan ; Nature 2014 (link)

2) Whole-Brain Imaging with Single-Cell Resolution Using Chemical Cocktails and Computational Analysis Etsuo A. Susaki, Kazuki Tainaka, Dimitri Perrin, Fumiaki Kishino, Takehiro Tawara, Tomonobu M. Watanabe, Chihiro Yokoyama, Hirotaka Onoe, Megumi Eguchi, Shun Yamaguchi, Takaya Abe, Hiroshi Kiyonari, Yoshihiro Shimizu, Atsushi Miyawaki, Hideo Yokota, and Hiroki R. Ueda ; Cell 2014 (link)

3) FoxP influences the speed and accuracy of a perceptual decision in Drosophila Shamik DasGupta, Clara Howcroft Ferreira, Gero Miesenböck ; Science 2014 (link)

4) Rapid Hebbian axonal remodeling mediated by visual stimulation Martin Munz, Delphine Gobert, Anne Schohl, Jessie Poquérusse, Kaspar Podgorski, Perry Spratt, Edward S. Ruthazer ; Science 2014 (link)

5) Spatiotemporal receptive fields of barrel cortex revealed by reverse correlation of synaptic input Alejandro Ramirez, Eftychios A Pnevmatikakis, Josh Merel, Liam Paninski, Kenneth D Miller & Randy M Bruno ; Nature Neuroscience 2014 (link)

6) Simultaneous whole- animal 3d imaging of neuronal activity using light-field microscopy Robert Prevedel, Young-Gyu Yoon, Maximilian Hoffmann, Nikita Pak, Gordon Wetzstein, Saul Kato, Tina Schrödel, Ramesh Raskar, Manuel Zimmer, Edward S Boyden & Alipasha Vaziri ; Nature Methods 2014 (link)

  • Aright, so I want to make sure I am clear on where things are now…
  • We have the entire connectome of C. Elegans mapped out..
  • …and now we also have the ability to image every single neuron simultaneously (yes I know it’s calcium imaging….so not every single spike exactly… but pretty close)
  • So now with the full connectome and functional readout we should be able to figure it all out right? I mean it’s that easy right? There is always whining that we need one or the other to truly understand the full story.. but now we’ve got both! No more excuses! I want to know how the C. Elegans brain works already.

7) Parvalbumin-Positive Basket Cells Differentiate among Hippocampal Pyramidal Cells Sang-Hun Lee, Ivan Marchionni, Marianne Bezaire, Csaba Varga, Nathan Danielson, Matthew Lovett-Barron, Attila Losonczy, and Ivan Soltesz ; Neuron 2014 (link)

8) Dendritic Spikes Induce Ripples in Parvalbumin Interneurons during Hippocampal Sharp Waves Balazs Chiovini, Gergely F. Turi, Gergely Katona, Attila Kaszas, Denes Palfi, Pal Maak, Gergely Szalay, Matyas Forian Szabo ́ , Gabor Szabo, Zoltan Szadai,  Szabolcs Kali, and Balazs Rozsa  ; Neuron 2014 (link)

9) New and Distinct Hippocampal Place Codes Are Generated in a New Environment during Septal Inactivation Mark P. Brandon, Julie Koenig, Jill K. Leutgeb, and Stefan Leutgeb  ; Neuron 2014 (link)

  • Are New Place Representations Independent of Theta and Path Integration? Robin Hayman and Neil Burgess  ; Neuron 2014 (link)

10) Visuospatial selective attention in chickens Devarajan Sridharan, Deepa L. Ramamurthy, Jason S. Schwarz, and Eric I. Knudsen ; PNAS 2014 (link)

11) Hippocampal Replay Captures the Unique Topological Structure of a Novel Environment Xiaojing Wu and David J. Foster ; J Neuroscience 2014 (link)

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