Friday Paper Post – May 24th 2014 (back from the dead pt. 3)

1) Spatially Distributed Local Fields in the Hippocampus Encode Rat Position Gautam Agarwal, Ian H. Stevenson, Antal Berényi, Kenji Mizuseki, György Buzsáki, Friedrich T. Sommer ; Science 2014 (link)

  • I really enjoyed this paper!
  • Also after following a reader’s twitter (who shared the wonderful ferret spiral move above and whose own blog you can read here) I was lucky enough to be lead to this blog post from Bill Skaggs here.
  • What I really like about the blog post is the back and forth in the commentary from Dr. Skaggs and the first author of the Science paper. I wish there was more scientific discussion like this online. It would be kind of cool if every paper had a comments section! Ok…. with the way the internet and comments sections usually turn out….maybe not … but I can dream.

2) Hippocampal Neurogenesis Regulates Forgetting During Adulthood and Infancy Katherine G. Akers, Alonso Martinez-Canabal, Leonardo Restivo, Adelaide P. Yiu, Antonietta De Cristofaro, Hwa-Lin (Liz) Hsiang, Anne L. Wheeler, Axel Guskjolen, Yosuke Niibori, Hirotaka Shoji, Koji Ohira, Blake A. Richards, Tsuyoshi Miyakawa, Sheena A. Josselyn, Paul W. Frankland ; Science 2014 (link)

3) Molecular-Level Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Dopaminergic Signaling Taekwan Lee, Lili X. Cai, Victor S. Lelyveld, Aviad Hai, Alan Jasanoff ; Science 2014 (link)

4) Presynaptic inhibition of spinal sensory feedback ensures smooth movement Andrew J. P. Fink, Katherine R. Croce, Z. Josh Huang, L. F. Abbott, Thomas M. Jessell & Eiman Azim ; Nature 2014 (link)

  • Feedback throttled down for smooth moves Stephen H. Scott & Frederic Crevecoeur ; Nature 2014 (link)

5) Modality-specific thalamocortical inputs instruct the identity of postsynaptic L4 neurons Gabrielle Pouchelon, Fre ́de ́ric Gambino, Camilla Bellone, Ludovic Telley, Ilaria Vitali, Christian Lu ̈scher, Anthony Holtmaat & Denis Jabaudon ; Nature 2014 (link)

6) Purkinje-cell plasticity and cerebellar motor learning are graded by complex-spike duration Yan Yang & Stephen G. Lisberger ; Nature 2014 (link)

7) Emergence of reproducible spatiotemporal activity during motor learning Andrew J. Peters, Simon X. Chen & Takaki Komiyama ; Nature 2014 (link)

8) Anthropogenic electromagnetic noise disrupts magnetic compass orientation in a migratory bird Svenja Engels, Nils-Lasse Schneider, Nele Lefeldt, Christine Maira Hein, Manuela Zapka, Andreas Michalik, Dana Elbers, Achim Kittel, P. J. Hore & Henrik Mouritsen ; Nature 2014 (link)

9) Amygdala interneuron subtypes control fear learning through disinhibition Steffen B. E. Wolff, Jan Gru ̈ndemann, Philip Tovote, Sabine Krabbe, Gilad A. Jacobson, Christian Mu ̈ller, Cyril Herry, Ingrid Ehrlich, Rainer W. Friedrich, Johannes J. Letzkus & Andreas Lu ̈thi ; Nature 2014 (link)

10) Space–time wiring specificity supports direction selectivity in the retina Jinseop S. Kim, Matthew J. Greene, Aleksandar Zlateski, Kisuk Lee, Mark Richardson, Srinivas C. Turaga, Michael Purcaro, Matthew Balkam, Amy Robinson, Bardia F. Behabadi, Michael Campos, Winfried Denk, H. Sebastian Seung & the EyeWirers ; Nature 2014 (link)

  • Notice the final author in this paper is the EyeWire online community.

11) Partitioning neuronal variability Robbe L T Goris, J Anthony Movshon & Eero P Simoncelli ; Nature Neuroscience 2014 (link)

12) Induction of self awareness in dreams through frontal low current stimulation of gamma activity Ursula Voss, Romain Holzmann, Allan Hobson, Walter Paulus, Judith Koppehele-Gossel, Ansgar Klimke & Michael A Nitsche ; Nature Neuroscience 2014 (link)

13) Cortical control of adaptation and sensory relay mode in the thalamus Rebecca A. Mease, Patrik Krieger, and Alexander Groh ; PNAS 2014 (link)

14) Comparative Strength and Dendritic Organization of Thalamocortical and Corticocortical Synapses onto Excitatory Layer 4 Neurons Carl E. Schoonover, Juan-Carlos Tapia, Verena C. Schilling, Verena Wimmer, Richard Blazeski, Wanying Zhang, Carol A. Mason, and Randy M. Bruno ; J Neuroscience 2014 (link)

15) Natural scenes in tactile texture Louise R. Manfredi, Hannes P. Saal, Kyler J. Brown, Mark C. Zielinski, John F. Dammann III, Vicky S. Polashock, and Sliman J. Bensmaia ; J Neurophysiology 2014 (link)

16) The reactivation of somatosensory cortex and behavioral recovery after sensory loss in mature primates Hui-Xin Qi, Jon H. Kaas and Jamie L. Reed ; Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience 2014  (link)

17) Cortico-cortical communication dynamics Per E. Roland, Claus C. Hilgetag and Gustavo Deco  ; Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience 2014  (link)


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