Friday Paper Post – March 14th 2014

Is winter over yet?

I wanted to share a couple non-paper links I found interesting recently. The first few are depressing…

Here is an interview with Sydner Brenner by Elizabeth Dzeng that turns into a sharp commentary on the state of science.

Scientific funding is in a scary place right now. You can read some of the details at this post titled: The Impact of the sequester: 1,000 fewer funded investigators by Jeremy Berg.

Finally check out this blog post here by Lenny Teytelman, which gives a more personal account of how tough things are. I think it is well worth the read.

So… anyway… these are all sad / scary / depressing / grim things…. but I am very happy to link to this last post here from the PubPeer blog! I think I have mentioned before that I have strong feelings about the state of the scientific publishing system (broken, slow, costly, and kind of embarrassing considering there is this thing now called the internet.. maybe you’ve heard of it?). So I think this blog post is really an exciting step forward! There is hope for the future!!!

Alright.. enough writing.. papers below!

1) A Cortical Circuit for Gain Control by Behavioral State Yu Fu, Jason M. Tucciarone, J. Sebastian Espinosa, Nengyin Sheng, Daniel P. Darcy, Roger A. Nicoll, Z. Josh Huang, and Michael P. Stryker ; Cell 2014 (link)

  • How can I not post this great graphical abstract 🙂
  • PIIS0092867414001445.fx1.lrg
  • Visual Circuits Get the VIP Treatment Ashley M. Wilson and Lindsey L. Glickfeld ; Cell 2014 (link)

2) Dynamic sensory cues shape song structure in Drosophila Philip Coen, Jan Clemens, Andrew J. Weinstein, Diego A. Pacheco, Yi Deng & Mala Murthy ; Nature 2014 (link)

3) Computational neuroscience: beyond the local circuit Haim Sompolinsky ; Current Opinion in Neurobiology 2014 (link)

4) Perspective: The receptive field is dead. Long live the receptive field? Adrienne Fairhall ; Current Opinion in Neurobiology 2014 (link)

5) Coding of Shape Features in the Macaque Anterior Intraparietal Area Maria C. Romero, Pierpaolo Pani, and Peter Janssen ; J Neuroscience 2014 (link)

6) Brain State Effects on Layer 4 of the Awake Visual Cortex Jun Zhuang (庄骏), Yulia Bereshpolova, Carl R. Stoelzel, Joseph M. Huff, Xiaojuan Hei (黑晓娟), Jose-Manuel Alonso, and Harvey A. Swadlow ; J Neuroscience 2014 (link)

7) Excitatory Synaptic Inputs to Mouse On-Off Direction- Selective Retinal Ganglion Cells Lack Direction Tuning Silvia J.H. Park, In-Jung Kim, Loren L. Looger, Jonathan B. Demb, and Bart G. Borghuis ; J Neuroscience 2014 (link)

8) Identification of a Pathway from the Retina to Koniocellular Layer K1 in the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus of Marmoset Kumiko A. Percival, Amane Koizumi, Rania A. Masri, Peter Buzas, Paul R. Martin, and Ulrike Grunert ; J Neuroscience 2014 (link)

9) Lack of Respiratory Coupling with Neocortical and Hippocampal Slow Oscillations Jeremy Viczko, Arjun V. Sharma, Silvia Pagliardini, Trish Wolansky, and Clayton T. Dickson ; J Neuroscience 2014 (link)

10) Effects of muscimol inactivations of functional domains in motor, premotor, and posterior parietal cortex on complex movements evoked by electrical stimulation Iwona Stepniewska, Omar A. Gharbawie, Mark J. Burish, and Jon H. Kaas ; J Neurophys 2014 (link)

11) Large-scale, high-density (up to 512 channels) recording of local circuits in behaving animals Antal Berényi, Zoltán Somogyvári, Anett J. Nagy, Lisa Roux, John D. Long, Shigeyoshi Fujisawa, Eran Stark, Anthony Leonardo, Timothy D. Harris, and György Buzsáki ; J Neurophys 2014 (link)

12) Grid Cell Spatial Tuning Reduced Following Systemic Muscarinic Receptor Blockade Ehren L. Newman, Jason R. Climer, and Michael E. Hasselmo ; Hippocampus 2014 (link)

13) Simultaneous imaging of neural activity in three dimensions Sean Quirin, Jesse Jackson, Darcy S Peterka and Rafael Yuste ; Frontiers in Neural Circuits 2014 (link)


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