Friday Paper Post – Feb 7th 2014

Plenty of winter weather recently…

I have to admit it is making me a bit stir-crazy!

Anyway, plenty of papers listed below:

1) Skilled reaching relies on a V2a propriospinal internal copy circuit Eiman Azim, Juan Jiang, Bror Alstermark & Thomas M. Jessell ; Nature 2014 (link)

2) Brainstem nucleus MdV mediates skilled forelimb motor tasks Maria Soledad Esposito, Paolo Capelli & Silvia Arber ; Nature 2014 (link)

3) An excitatory paraventricular nucleus to AgRP neuron circuit that drives hunger Michael J. Krashes, Bhavik P. Shah, Joseph C. Madara, David P. Olson, David E. Strochlic, Alastair S. Garfield, Linh Vong, Hongjuan Pei, Mitsuko Watabe-Uchida, Naoshige Uchida, Stephen D. Liberles & Bradford B. Lowell ; Nature 2014 (link)

4) Modelling the effects of subjective and objective decision making in scientific peer review In-Uck Park, Mike W. Peacey & Marcus R. Munafo` ; Nature 2014 (link)

5) Tactile perception and working memory in rats and humans Arash Fassihi, Athena Akrami, Vahid Esmaeili, and Mathew E. Diamond ; PNAS 2014 (link)

  • I am a big fan of the work from the Diamond Lab and enjoyed hearing about this work at COSYNE and SFN. I think it’s interesting and worth a read.

6) In vivo imaging of immediate early gene expression reveals layer-specific memory traces in the mammalian brain Hong Xie, Yu Liu, Youzhi Zhu, Xinlu Ding, Yuhao Yang, and Ji-Song Guan ; PNAS 2014 (link)

  • How amazing is this?!

7) Bump attractor dynamics in prefrontal cortex explains behavioral precision in spatial working memory Klaus Wimmer, Duane Q Nykamp, Christos Constantinidis & Albert Compte ; Nature Neuroscience 2014 (link)

8) Cortical activity in the null space: permitting preparation without movement Matthew T Kaufman, Mark M Churchland, Stephen I Ryu & Krishna V Shenoy ; Nature Neuroscience 2014 (link)

9) NMDA spikes enhance action potential generation during sensory input Lucy M Palmer, Adam S Shai, James E Reeve, Harry L Anderson, Ole Paulsen & Matthew E Larkum ; Nature Neuroscience 2014 (link)

10) Optogenetic astrocyte activation modulates response selectivity of visual cortex neurons in vivo Gertrudis Perea, Aimei Yang, Edward S. Boyden & Mriganka Sur ; Nature Communications 2014 (link)

11) Spiking Irregularity and Frequency Modulate the Behavioral Report of Single-Neuron Stimulation Guy Doron, Moritz von Heimendahl, Peter Schlattmann, Arthur R. Houweling, and Michael Brecht ; Neuron 2014 (link)

  • quick thanks to Michele for making sure this paper was on the list

12) Adaptation Disrupts Motion Integration in the Primate Dorsal Stream Carlyn A. Patterson, Stephanie C. Wissig, and Adam Kohn ; Neuron 2014 (link)

13) Crossmodal Induction of Thalamocortical Potentiation Leads to Enhanced Information Processing in the Auditory Cortex Emily Petrus, Amal Isaiah, Adam P. Jones, David Li, Hui Wang, Hey-Kyoung Lee, and Patrick O. Kanold ; Neuron 2014 (link)

14) Learning by the Dendritic Prediction of Somatic Spiking Robert Urbanczik and Walter Senn ; Neuron 2014 (link)

15) Structured Synaptic Connectivity between Hippocampal Regions Shaul Druckmann, Linqing Feng, Bokyoung Lee, Chaehyun Yook, Ting Zhao, Jeffrey C. Magee, and Jinhyun Kim ; Neuron 2014 (link)

16) Cascaded Effects of Spatial Adaptation in the Early Visual System Neel T. Dhruv and Matteo Carandin ; Neuron 2014 (link)

17) The Projective Field of Retinal Bipolar Cells and Its Modulation by Visual Context Hiroki Asari and Markus Meister ; Neuron 2014 (link)

18) Temporal Responses of C. elegans Chemosensory Neurons Are Preserved in Behavioral Dynamics Saul Kato, Yifan Xu, Christine E. Cho, L.F. Abbott, and Cornelia I. Bargmann ; Neuron 2014 (link)

19) Precise Control of Movement Kinematics by Optogenetic Inhibition of Purkinje Cell Activity Shane A. Heiney, Jinsook Kim, George J. Augustine, and Javier F. Medina ; J Neuroscience 2014 (link)

20) Cholinergic Contributions to Supramodal Attentional Processes in Rats Vladimir Ljubojevic, Paul Luu, and Eve De Rosa ; J Neuroscience 2014 (link)

21) Transgenic Mouse Lines Subdivide External Segment of the Globus Pallidus (GPe) Neurons and Reveal Distinct GPe Output Pathways Kevin J. Mastro, Rachel S. Bouchard, Hiromi A. K. Holt, and Aryn H. Gittis ; J Neuroscience 2014 (link)

22) Optogenetic and Pharmacologic Dissection of Feedforward Inhibition in Drosophila Motion Vision Alex S. Mauss, Matthias Meier, Etienne Serbe, and Alexander Borst ; J Neuroscience 2014 (link)

23) Characterizing Context-Dependent Differential Firing Activity in the Hippocampus and Entorhinal Cortex Michael J. Prerau, Paul A. Lipton, Howard B. Eichenbaum, and Uri T. Eden ; Hippocampus 2014 (link)

24) Medial Prefrontal Theta Phase Coupling during Spatial Memory Retrieval Raphael Kaplan, Daniel Bush, Mathilde Bonnefond, Peter A. Bandettini, Gareth R. Barnes, Christian F. Doeller, Neil Burgess ; Hippocampus 2014 (link)

25) Grid cell spatial tuning reduced following systemic muscarinic receptor blockade Ehren L. Newman, Jason R. Climer, Michael E. Hasselmo ; Hippocampus 2014 (link)

26) Temporary inactivation of the rodent hippocampus: An evaluation of the current methodology Tine L. Gulbrandsen, Robert J. Sutherland ; J Neuroscience Methods 2014 (link)

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