Friday Paper Post – Dec. 20th

These two bunnies think the new literature on CA2 circuits is very interesting.


1) Cell type–specific genetic and optogenetic tools reveal hippocampal CA2 circuits Keigo Kohara, Michele Pignatelli, Alexander J Rivest, Hae-Yoon Jung, Takashi Kitamura, Junghyup Suh, Dominic Frank, Koichiro Kajikawa, Nathan Mise, Yuichi Obata, Ian R Wickersham & Susumu Tonegawa ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

2) The Representation of Social Facial Touch in Rat Barrel Cortex Evgeny Bobrov, Jason Wolfe, Rajnish P. Rao, and Michael Brecht ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

3) Membrane Potential Dynamics of Neocortical Projection Neurons Driving Target-Specific Signals Takayuki Yamashita, Aurelie Pala, Leticia Pedrido, Yves Kremer, Egbert Welker, and Carl C.H. Petersen ; Neuron 2013 (link)

4) Balanced Synaptic Impact via Distance-Dependent Synapse Distribution and Complementary Expression of AMPARs and NMDARs in Hippocampal Dendrites Vilas Menon, Timothy F. Musial, Annie Liu, Yael Katz, William L. Kath, Nelson Spruston, and Daniel A. Nicholson ; Neuron 2013 (link)

5) Causal Evidence of Performance Monitoring by Neurons in Posterior Cingulate Cortex during Learning Sarah R. Heilbronner and Michael L. Platt ; Neuron 2013 (link)

6) Variable Dendritic Integration in Hippocampal CA3 Pyramidal Neurons Judit K. Makara and Jeffrey C. Magee ; Neuron 2013 (link)

7) Pyramidal Neurons in Prefrontal Cortex Receive Subtype-Specific Forms of Excitation and Inhibition Anthony T. Lee, Steven M. Gee, Daniel Vogt, Tosha Patel, John L. Rubenstein, and Vikaas S. Sohal ; Neuron 2013 (link)

8) Theta-Gamma-Modulated Synaptic Currents in Hippocampal Granule Cells In Vivo Define a Mechanism for Network Oscillations Alejandro Javier Pernıa-Andrade, and Peter Jonas ; Neuron 2013 (link)

9) Flow of Cortical Activity Underlying a Tactile Decision in Mice Zengcai V. Guo, Nuo Li, Daniel Huber, Eran Ophir, Diego Gutnisky, Jonathan T. Ting, Guoping Feng, and Karel Svoboda ; Neuron 2013 (link)

10) Tonic GABAA conductance bidirectionally controls interneuron firing pattern and synchronization in the CA3 hippocampal network Ivan Pavlov, Leonid P. Savtchenko, Inseon Song, Jaeyeon Koo, Alexey Pimashkin, Dmitri A. Rusakov, and Alexey Semyanov ; PNAS 2013 (link)

11) Local domains of motor cortical activity revealed by fiber-optic calcium recordings in behaving nonhuman primates Helmuth Adelsberger, Antonio Zainos, Manuel Alvarez, Ranulfo Romo, and Arthur Konnerth ; PNAS 2013 (link)

12) Development of schemas revealed by prior experience and NMDA receptor knock-out George Dragoi, Susumu Tonegawa ; eLife 2013 (link)

13) Large-scale, high-density (up to 512 channels) recording of local circuits in behaving animals Antal Berényi, Zoltán Somogyvári, Anett J. Nagy, Lisa Roux, John Long, Shigeyoshi Fujisawa, Eran Stark, Anthony Leonardo, Timothy D. Harris and György Buzsáki ; J Neurophys 2013 (link)

One thought on “Friday Paper Post – Dec. 20th

  1. With regard to the first paper in the list by Kohara et al.: This is a very interesting paper, although the authors’ claim that they have corrected previous claims of predominant entorhinal layer III projections to the hippocampal CA2 area is in error. In fact, they have confirmed our recent study showing that it is layer II that predominantly projects to the CA2 region. The authors mistakenly say that we (their ref. 19=Cui et al., J Comp Neurol 521:1844-66, 2013) found layer III projections, when we clearly state “our tracer results revealed that most of the cortical input to CA2 originates in layer II of the ipsilateral medial and lateral entorhinal cortices (MEC, LEC, respectively) … Fewer, less intensely labeled neurons in layer III were labeled” (page 1847; Fig. 2).

    We hope that the authors will see fit to print an erratum.

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