Friday Paper Post – Sunday November 24th 2013 – still catching up

Still playing catch up after SFN! Hopefully I’ll be back on track before the end of the year.

Tons of good papers to chew on below!

1) Cortical connectivity and sensory coding Kenneth D. Harris & Thomas D. Mrsic-Flogel ; Nature 2013 (link)

This is a great overview! The two boxes summarizing what we know about excitatory and inhibitory cortical cells types and circuits are so valuable that I couldn’t resist posting them below!






2) Context-dependent computation by recurrent dynamics in prefrontal cortex Valerio Mante, David Sussillo, Krishna V. Shenoy & William T. Newsome ; Nature 2013 (link)

  • What to do and how Jeffrey C. Erlich and Carlos D. Brody ; Nature 2013 (link)

3) A Brain-Machine Interface Enables Bimanual Arm Movements in Monkeys Peter J. Ifft,, Solaiman Shokur, Zheng Li, Mikhail A. Lebedev, Miguel A. L. Nicolelis ; Science Translational Medicine 2013 (link)

There was a special neuroscience focused section in Nature right around SFN that was full of some really great articles. They are linked below.

4) New Angles on the Brain  Nature 2013 (link)

  • Head Start Editorial ; Nature 2013 (link)
  • Smart Connections M. Mitchell Waldrop ; Nature 2013 (link)
  • Brain Storm Helen Shen  ; Nature 2013 (link)
  • Neurobiology : Brain Mapping in High Resolution Nature 2013 (link)
  • My life with Parkinson’s @Parklifensci ; Nature 2013 (link)

5) The activity-dependent transcription factor NPAS4 regulates domain-specific inhibition Brenda L. Bloodgood, Nikhil Sharma, Heidi Adlman Browne, Alissa Z. Trepman & Michael E. Greenberg ; Nature 2013 (link)

6) Precision gene editing paves way for transgenic monkeys Helen Shen ; Nature 2013 (link)

6) Low-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Modulates Monkey Visuomotor Behavior Thomas Deffieux, Youliana Younan, Nicolas Wattiez, Mickael Tanter, Pierre Pouget ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

7) Spatiotemporal Structure of REM Sleep Twitching Reveals Developmental Origins of Motor Synergies Mark S. Blumberg, Cassandra M. Coleman, Ashlynn I. Gerth, and Bob McMurray ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

8) Distinct Roles of the Cortical Layers of Area V1 in Figure-Ground Segregation Matthew W. Self, Timo van Kerkoerle, Hans Supe`r, and Pieter R. Roelfsema ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

9) Causal Role of Prefrontal Cortex in Strengthening of Episodic Memories through Reconsolidation Marco Sandrini, Nitzan Censor, Jonathan Mishoe, and Leonardo G. Cohen ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

10) A spatiotemporal coding mechanism for background- invariant odor recognition Debajit Saha, Kevin Leong, Chao Li, Steven Peterson, Gregory Siegel & Baranidharan Raman ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

11) Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity in Primate Corticospinal Connections Induced during Free Behavior Yukio Nishimura, Steve I. Perlmutter, Ryan W. Eaton, and Eberhard E. Fetz  ; Neuron 2013 (link)

  • If you aren’t familiar with work from Fetz I highly recommend checking out this classic paper:
  • Long-term motor cortex plasticity induced by an electronic neural implant Andrew Jackson, Jaideep Mavoori & Eberhard E. Fetz ; Nature 2006 (link)

12) Fabrication and application of flexible, multimodal light-emitting devices for wireless optogenetics Jordan G McCall, Tae-il Kim, Gunchul Shin, Xian Huang, Yei Hwan Jung, Ream Al-Hasani, Fiorenzo G Omenetto, Michael R Bruchas & John A Rogers ; Nature Protocols 2013  (link)

  • These awesome tools were published in Science earlier in the year (see it here). Very cool that they have now published the recipe for making them!

13) Cingulate-Hippocampus Coherence and Trajectory Coding in a Sequential Choice Task Miguel Remondes and Matthew A. Wilson ; Neuron 2013 (link)

The next three papers all come from the special Neuron 25th anniversary issue:

14) Scaling Brain Size, Keeping Timing: Evolutionary Preservation of Brain Rhythms Gyorgy Buzsaki, Nikos Logothetis, and Wolf Singer ; Neuron 2013 (link)

15) Grid Cells and Neural Coding in High-End Cortices Edvard I. Moser and May-Britt Moser ; Neuron 2013 (link)

16) Activity-Dependent Neural Plasticity from Bench to Bedside Karunesh Ganguly and Mu-ming Poo ; Neuron 2013 (link)

17) High-speed laser microsurgery of alert fruit flies for fluorescence imaging of neural activity Supriyo Sinha, Liang Liang, Eric T. W. Ho, Karel E. Urbanek, Liqun Luo, Thomas M. Baer, and Mark J. Schnitzer ; PNAS 2013 (link)

18) The Synchronous Activity of Lateral Habenular Neurons Is Essential for Regulating Hippocampal Theta Oscillation Hidenori Aizawa, Shin Yanagihara, Megumi Kobayashi, Kazue Niisato, Takashi Takekawa, Rie Harukuni, Thomas J. McHugh, Tomoki Fukai, Yoshikazu Isomura, and Hitoshi Okamoto ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

19) Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex Pyramidal Cells Have a Temporal Dynamic Role in Recall and Extinction of Cocaine-Associated Memory Michel C. Van den Oever, Diana C. Rotaru, Jasper A. Heinsbroek, Yvonne Gouwenberg, Karl Deisseroth, Garret D. Stuber, Huibert D. Mansvelder, and August B. Smit ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

20) Neural Codes Formed by Small and Temporally Precise Populations in Auditory Cortex Robin A. A. Ince, Stefano Panzeri, and Christoph Kayser; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

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