Friday Paper List – posted Sunday July 21st

Sorry for the late post. I’ve been in a bit of a slump.

To the papers!

1) Ultrasensitive fluorescent proteins for imaging neuronal activity Tsai-Wen Chen, Trevor J. Wardill, Yi Sun, Stefan R. Pulver, Sabine L. Renninger, Amy Baohan, Eric R. Schreiter, Rex A. Kerr, Michael B. Orger, Vivek Jayaraman, Loren L. Looger, Karel Svoboda & Douglas S. Kim ; Nature 2013 (link)

  • This beautiful panel from figure 2 pretty much summarizes how transformative the new GCaMP6 is 🙂
  • gcamp6example

2)  Bidirectional NMDA receptor plasticity controls CA3 output and heterosynaptic metaplasticity David L Hunt, Nagore Puente, Pedro Grandes & Pablo E Castillo ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

3) Impaired hippocampal rate coding after lesions of the lateral entorhinal cortex Li Lu, Jill K Leutgeb, Albert Tsao, Espen J Henriksen, Stefan Leutgeb, Carol A Barnes, Menno P Witter, May-Britt Moser & Edvard I Moser ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

4) Specific evidence of low-dimensional continuous attractor dynamics in grid cells KiJung Yoon, Michael A Buice, Caswell Barry, Robin Hayman, Neil Burgess & Ila R Fiete ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

5) Attention-dependent reductions in burstiness and action-potential height in macaque area V4 Emily B Anderson, Jude F Mitchell & John H Reynolds ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

6) Functional labeling of neurons and their projections using the synthetic activity–dependent promoter E-SARE Takashi Kawashima, Kazuo Kitamura, Kanzo Suzuki, Mio Nonaka, Satoshi Kamijo, Sayaka Takemoto-Kimura, Masanobu Kano, Hiroyuki Okuno, Kenichi Ohki & Haruhiko Bito ; Nature Methods 2013 (link)

7) Cellular and Synaptic Architecture of Multisensory Integration in the Mouse Neocortex Umberto Olcese, Giuliano Iurilli, and Paolo Medini ; Neuron 2013 (link)

8) Motor Cortex Feedback Influences Sensory Processing by Modulating Network State Edward Zagha, Amanda E. Casale, Robert N.S. Sachdev, Matthew J. McGinley, and David A. McCormick  ; Neuron 2013 (link)

9) Shared Representations for Working Memory and Mental Imagery in Early Visual Cortex Anke Marit Albers, Peter Kok, Ivan Toni, H. Chris Dijkerman, and Floris P. de Lange ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

10) Memory for Distant Past Events in Chimpanzees and Orangutans Gema Martin-Ordas, Dorthe Berntsen, and Josep Call ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

11) Statistical Analysis of Molecular Signal Recording Joshua I. Glaser, Bradley M. Zamft, Adam H. Marblestone, Jeffrey R. Moffitt, Keith Tyo, Edward S. Boyden, George Church, Konrad P. Kording ; PLoS Computational Biology 2013 (link)

  • New details exploring the molecular ticker-tape recording of neural activity.

12) Light Scattering Properties Vary across Different Regions of the Adult Mouse Brain Saif I. Al-Juboori, Anna Dondzillo., Elizabeth A. Stubblefield, Gidon Felsen, Tim C. Lei, Achim Klug ; PLoS One 2013 (link)

13) Low-Dimensional Sensory Feature Representation by Trigeminal Primary Afferents Michael R. Bale, Kyle Davies, Oliver J. Freeman, Robin A. A. Ince, and Rasmus S. Petersen ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

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