Friday Paper List – June 28th

Several new papers popped up this week!

This weeks list of papers has a little bit of everything: new technologies (two very cool two-photon technique papers #15 and #21); some really fantastic anatomy (#12),  issues in science funding and publishing (#19 and #20), and some new insight into the powerful rubber hand illusion (#14).

1) Behaviour-dependent recruitment of long-range projection neurons in somatosensory cortex Jerry L. Chen, Stefano Carta, Joana Soldado-Magraner, Bernard L. Schneider & Fritjof Helmchen ; Nature 2013 (link)

2)  Physical Principles for Scalable Neural Recording  Adam H. Marblestone, Bradley M. Zamft, Yael G. Maguire, Mikhail G. Shapiro, Thaddeus R. Cybulski, Joshua I. Glaser, Ben Stranges, Reza Kalhor, David A. Dalrymple, Dongjin Seo, Elad Alon, Michel M. Maharbiz, Jose Carmena, Jan Rabaey, Edward S. Boyden, George M. Church, and Konrad P. Kording ; 2013 (link)

  • I think this is an extremely interesting paper and covers some very important considerations for the future of neuroscience!!

Papers #3 – 7 are from a special edition of Nature Neuroscience focusing on neurotechniques!

Try not to get too excited..

3) Opportunities and challenges of pluripotent stem cell neurodegenerative disease models Jackson Sandoe & Kevin Eggan ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

4) Seeing the forest tree by tree: super-resolution light microscopy meets the neurosciences Marta Maglione & Stephan J Sigrist ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

5) Targeting neurons and photons for optogenetics Adam M Packer, Botond Roska & Michael Häusser ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

6) Optogenetic pharmacology for control of native neuronal signaling proteins Richard H Kramer, Alexandre Mourot & Hillel Adesnik ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

7) Probing perceptual decisions in rodents Matteo Carandini & Anne K Churchland ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

8) Information for decision-making and stimulus identification is multiplexed in sensory cortex David H Gire, Jennifer D Whitesell, Wilder Doucette & Diego Restrepo ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

9) Signals in inferotemporal and perirhinal cortex suggest an untangling of visual target information Marino Pagan, Luke S Urban, Margot P Wohl & Nicole C Rust ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

10) Prefrontal mechanisms of behavioral flexibility, emotion regulation and value updating Peter H Rudebeck, Richard C Saunders, Anna T Prescott, Lily S Chau & Elisabeth A Murray ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

11) SeeDB: a simple and morphology-preserving optical clearing agent for neuronal circuit reconstruction Meng-Tsen Ke, Satoshi Fujimoto & Takeshi Imai ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

  • So we now have another technique for optical clearing. You can read this nice little blurb about the new one here.




12) Differential Innervation of Direct- and Indirect-Pathway Striatal Projection Neurons Nicholas R. Wall, Mauricio De La Parra, Edward M. Callaway, and Anatol C. Kreitzer ; Neuron 2013 (link)

13) A Dual Operator View of Habitual Behavior Reflecting Cortical and Striatal Dynamics Kyle S. Smith and Ann M. Graybiel ; Neuron 2013 (link)

14) The body beyond the body: expectation of a sensory event is enough to induce ownership over a fake hand Francesca Ferri, Antonio Maria Chiarelli, Arcangelo Merla, Vittorio Gallese and Marcello Costantini ; Proc of the Royal Soc B 2013 (link)

15) Encoded multisite two-photon microscopy Mathieu Ducros, Yannick Goulam Houssen, Jonathan Bradley, Vincent de Sars, and Serge Charpak ; PNAS 2013 (link)

16) Transformation of the neural code for tactile detection from thalamus to cortex Yuriria Vázquez, Emilio Salinas, and Ranulfo Romo ; PNAS 2013 (link)

17) Trade-off between curvature tuning and position invariance in visual area V4 Tatyana O. Sharpee, Minjoon Kouh, and John H. Reynolds ; PNAS 2013 (link)

18) Distributed cortical adaptation during learning of a brain–computer interface task Jeremiah D. Wander, Timothy Blakely, Kai J. Miller, Kurt E. Weaver, Lise A. Johnson, Jared D. Olson, Eberhard E. Fetz, Rajesh P. N. Rao, and Jeffrey G. Ojemann ; PNAS 2013 (link)

19) Why Selective Publication of Statistically Significant Results Can Be Effective Joost de Winter, Riender Happee ; PLoS One 2013 (link)

  • this is an interesting way to look at things…. based on some important assumptions.. but interesting.

20) Big Science vs. Little Science: How Scientific Impact Scales with Funding Jean-Michel Fortin, David J. Currie ; PLoS One 2013 (link)

  • I followed a link to this paper that was prefaced by saying something along the lines of, “I wonder if the European Commission has any regrets….”

21) Instantaneous three-dimensional sensing using spatial light modulator illumination with extended depth of field imaging Sean Quirin, Darcy S. Peterka, and Rafael Yuste ; Optics Express 2013 (link)

22) Dismantling the Papez circuit for memory in rats Seralynne D Vann ; eLIFE 2013 (link)

23) Brain Dynamical Networks: Contextualizing the Function of Primary Cortices Jonathan Wimmer del Solar and Daniel Rojas-Líbano ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

24) The Generalization of Visuomotor Learning to Untrained Movements and Movement Sequences Based on Movement Vector and Goal Location Remapping Howard G. Wu and Maurice A. Smith ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

25) Somatosensory Demands Modulate Muscular Beta Oscillations, Independent of Motor Demands Freek van Ede and Eric Maris ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

26) A Neocortical Delta Rhythm Facilitates Reciprocal Interlaminar Interactions via Nested Theta Rhythms Lucy M. Carracedo, Henrik Kjeldsen, Leonie Cunnington, Alastair Jenkins, Ian Schofield, Mark O. Cunningham, Ceri H. Davies, Roger D. Traub, and Miles A. Whittington ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

27) Emergence of Orientation Selectivity in the Mammalian Visual Pathway Benjamin Scholl, Andrew Y. Y. Tan, Joseph Corey, and Nicholas J. Priebe ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

28) Prefrontal Activity Links Nonoverlapping Events in Memory Marieke R. Gilmartin, Hiroyuki Miyawaki, Fred J. Helmstetter, and Kamran Diba ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

29) The Temporal Evolution of Feedback Gains Rapidly Update to Task Demands Michael Dimitriou, Daniel M. Wolpert, and David W. Franklin ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

30) Multineuronal spike sequences repeat with millisecond precision Koki Matsumoto, Tomoe Ishikawa, Norio Matsuki and Yuji Ikegaya ; Frontiers in Neural Circuits 2013 (link)

31) Rigid firing sequences undermine spatial  memory codes in a neurodegenerative mouse model Jingheng Cheng and Daoyun Ji ; eLIFE 2013 (link)


Friday Paper List – June 21st

Wow it is summer! I feel like summer kind of snuck up on me and surprised me today….

Ok so I wasn’t this surprised, but that reaction is amazing 🙂

Anyway hope everyone is staying cool.

Enjoy the papers!


1) BigBrain: An Ultrahigh-Resolution 3D Human Brain Model Katrin Amunts,Claude Lepage, Louis Borgeat, Hartmut Mohlberg, Timo Dickscheid, Marc-Étienne Rousseau, Sebastian Bludau,Pierre-Louis Bazin, Lindsay B. Lewis, Ana-Maria Oros-Peusquens, Nadim J. Shah, Thomas Lippert, Karl Zilles, Alan C. Evans ; Science 2013 (link)

2) The Relationship of Anatomical and Functional Connectivity to Resting-State Connectivity in Primate Somatosensory Cortex Zheng Wang, Li Min Chen, Laszlo ́ Negyessy, Robert M. Friedman, Arabinda Mishra, John C. Gore and Anna W. Roe ; Neuron 2013 (link)

  • Topographic Dynamics in the Resting Brain Olaf Sporns, and Christopher J. Honey ; Neuron 2013 (link)

3) The Fine Structure of Shape Tuning in Area V4 Anirvan S. Nandy, Tatyana O. Sharpee, John H. Reynolds, and Jude F. Mitchell ; Neuron 2013 (link)

4) Detecting Changes in Scenes: The Hippocampus Is Critical for Strength-Based Perception Mariam Aly, Charan Ranganath, and Andrew P. Yonelinas ; Neuron 2013 (link)

5) The Thalamostriatal Pathway and Cholinergic Control of Goal-Directed Action: Interlacing New with Existing Learning in the Striatum Laura A. Bradfield, Jesus Bertran-Gonzalez, Billy Chieng, and Bernard W. Balleine ; Neuron 2013 (link)

6) Recombinant Probes for Visualizing Endogenous Synaptic Proteins in Living Neurons Garrett G. Gross,1,7 Jason A. Junge, Rudy J. Mora, Hyung-Bae Kwon, C. Anders Olson, Terry T. Takahashi, Emily R. Liman, Graham C.R. Ellis-Davies, Aaron W. McGee, Bernardo L. Sabatini, Richard W. Roberts, and Don B. Arnold ; Neuron 2013 (link)

7) Time Finds Its Place in the Hippocampus David C. Rowland and May-Britt Moser ; Neuron 2013 (link)

  • This a commentary on paper #9 from an older post here.

8) The effects of neural gain on attention and learning Eran Eldar, Jonathan D Cohen & Yael Niv ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

9) ChAT–ChR2–EYFP Mice Have Enhanced Motor Endurance But Show Deficits in Attention and Several Additional Cognitive Domains Benjamin Kolisnyk, Monica S. Guzman, Sanda Raulic, Jue Fan, Ana C. Magalha ̃es, Guoping Feng, Robert Gros, Vania F. Prado, and Marco A. M. Prado  ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

10) Dissociable Representations of Environmental Size and Complexity in the Human Hippocampus Oliver Baumann1 and Jason B. Mattingley  ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

11) Decoding Working Memory of Stimulus Contrast in Early Visual Cortex Yue Xing, Tim Ledgeway, Paul V. McGraw, and Denis Schluppeck  ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

12) Learning Causes Reorganization of Neuronal Firing Patterns to Represent Related Experiences within a Hippocampal Schema Sam McKenzie, Nick T. M. Robinson, Lauren Herrera, Jordana C. Churchill, and Howard Eichenbaum  ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

13) Neural Representation of Harmonic Complex Tones in Primary Auditory Cortex of the Awake Monkey Yonatan I. Fishman, Christophe Micheyl, and Mitchell Steinschneider ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

14) Hippocampal Anatomy Supports the Use of Context in Object Recognition: A Computational Model Patrick Greene, Mike Howard, Rajan Bhattacharyya, and Jean-Marc Fellous ; Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience 2013 (link)

15) Norepinephrine Drives Persistent Activity in Prefrontal Cortex via Synergistic a1 and a2 Adrenoceptors Zizhen Zhang, Steven Cordeiro Matos, Sonia Jego, Antoine Adamantidis, Philippe Se´gue´la ; PLoS One 2013 (link)

Friday Paper List – posted Saturday June 15th

In a topic slightly unrelated to neuroscience but instead more in the “wow we really are living in the future” category… I read about this amazing and real technology this week and was really amazed.

On to the good stuff! They just keep on rolling by!

Papers papers papers

1) A single pair of interneurons commands the Drosophila feeding motor program Thomas F. Flood, Shinya Iguchi, Michael Gorczyca, Benjamin White, Kei Ito & Motojiro Yoshihara ; Nature 2013 (link)

2) Repeated Cortico-Striatal Stimulation Generates Persistent OCD-Like Behavior Susanne E. Ahmari, Timothy Spellman,Neria L. Douglass, Mazen A. Kheirbek, H. Blair Simpson, Karl Deisseroth, Joshua A. Gordon, René Hen ; Science 2013 (link)

3) Optogenetic Stimulation of Lateral Orbitofronto-Striatal Pathway Suppresses Compulsive Behaviors Eric Burguière, Patrícia Monteiro, Guoping Feng, Ann M. Graybiel ; Science 2013 (link)

  • Commentary on the two papers above.
  • Illuminating the Neural Circuitry of Compulsive Behaviors Scott L. Rauch and William A. Carlezon Jr. ; Science 2013 (link)

4) Geniculocortical Input Drives Genetic Distinctions Between Primary and Higher-Order Visual Areas Shen-Ju Chou, Zoila Babot, Axel Leingärtner, Michele Studer,Yasushi Nakagawa, Dennis D. M. O’Leary ; Science 2013 (link)

5) GABA Networks Destabilize Genetic Oscillations in the Circadian Pacemaker G. Mark Freeman, Jr., Rebecca M. Krock, Sara J. Aton, Paul Thaben, and Erik D. Herzog ; Neuron 2013 (link)

6) Dynamics of Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Adult Humans Kirsty L. Spalding, Olaf Bergmann, Kanar Alkass, Samuel Bernard, Mehran Salehpour, Hagen B. Huttner, Emil Bostro ̈ m, Isabelle Westerlund, Ce ́ line Vial, Bruce A. Buchholz, Go ̈ ran Possnert, Deborah C. Mash, Henrik Druid, and Jonas Frise ́ n ; Cell 2013 (link)

  • Funny thing about this really interesting article; because it is in Cell, a journal that I don’t really browse every week, I ended up stumbling upon a reference to the article from a popular technology website that I enjoy reading every day. Of course headlines in the popular news more than often tend to distort or misrepresent scientific articles; and you could maybe make an argument this is especially true for neuroscience…(you can read some really interesting articles related to this topic here, here, here and here !!) So when I read the headline, How Fallout from Nuke Tests Just Proved that Brain Cells Regenerate” my interest was not only piqued, but I was eager to see what the article was really about. Needless to say I was pretty shocked when I found out that the headline above is not really stretching the truth! Check out this great graphical abstract published online with the paper:

7) The cortical angiome: an interconnected vascular network with noncolumnar patterns of blood flow Pablo Blinder, Philbert S Tsai, John P Kaufhold, Per M Knutsen, Harry Suhl & David Kleinfeld ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

8) Temporal whitening by power-law adaptation in neocortical neurons Christian Pozzorini, Richard Naud, Skander Mensi & Wulfram Gerstner ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

9) Whole-rat conditional gene knockout via genome editing Andrew J Brown, Daniel A Fisher, Evguenia Kouranova, Aaron McCoy, Kevin Forbes, Yumei Wu, Rachel Henry, Diana Ji, Andre Chambers, Joe Warren, Weiguo Shu, Edward J Weinstein & Xiaoxia Cui ; Nature Methods 2013 (link)

10) In Vivo–Directed Evolution of a New Adeno-Associated Virus for Therapeutic Outer Retinal Gene Delivery from the Vitreous Deniz Dalkara, Leah C. Byrne, Ryan R. Klimczak, Meike Visel, Lu Yin, William H. Merigan, John G. Flannery, David V. Schaffer ; Science Translational Medicine 2013 (link)

11) Prefrontal microcircuit underlies contextual learning after hippocampal loss Moriel Zelikowskya,b, Stephanie Bissierec, Timothy A. Hasta, Rebecca Z. Bennetta, Andrea Abdipranotod,e, Bryce Visseld,e, and Michael S. Fanselow ; PNAS 2013 (link)

12) Similarity in form and function of the hippocampus in rodents, monkeys, and humans Robert E. Clark and Larry R. Squire ; PNAS 2013 (link)

13) The evolution of episodic memory Timothy A. Allen and Norbert J. Fortin ; PNAS 2013 (link)

14) Pallidal Deep Brain Stimulation Modulates Afferent Fibers, Efferent Fibers, and Glia Jay J. Jantz and Masayuki Watanabe ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

15) From Dendritic Compartments to Neuronal Networks: A Multilevel Analysis of Motion Vision Peter T. Weir and Marie P. Suver ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

16) Modulation of Visual Responses by Gaze Direction in Human Visual Cortex Elisha P. Merriam, Justin L. Gardner, J. Anthony Movshon, and David J. Heeger ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

17) Encoding and Retrieval of Artificial Visuoauditory Memory Traces in the Auditory Cortex Requires the Entorhinal Cortex Xi Chen, Yiping Guo, Jingyu Feng, Zhengli Liao, Xinjian Li, Haitao Wang, Xiao Li, and Jufang He ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

18) Time Course of Motor Preparation during Visual Search with Flexible Stimulus–Response Association Husam A. Katnani and Neeraj J. Gandhi ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

19) Queuing of Concurrent Movement Plans by Basal Ganglia Neha Bhutani, Ramakrishnan Sureshbabu, Ausaf A. Farooqui, Madhuri Behari, Vinay Goyal, and Aditya Murthy ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

20) Resistance of optogenetically evoked motor function to global ischemia and reperfusion in mouse in vivo Yicheng Xie, Shangbin Chen, Eitan Anenberg and Timothy H Murphy ; Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 2013 (link)

21) A process analysis of the CA3 subregion of the hippocampus Raymond P. Kesner; Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 2013 (link)

22) Conscious experience and episodic memory: hippocampus at the crossroads Ralf-Peter Behrendt ; Frontiers in Psychology 2013 (link)

23) Theta Coordinated Error-Driven Learning in the Hippocampus Nicholas Ketz, Srinimisha G. Morkonda, Randall C. O’Reilly ; PLoS Computational Biology 2013 (link)

24)  Switching off LTP: mGlu and NMDA Receptor–Dependent Novelty Exploration–Induced Depotentiation in the Rat Hippocampus Yingjie Qi, Neng-Wei Hu and Michael J. Rowan ; Cerebral Cortex 2013 (link)

25) Behavioral Detection of Passive Whisker Stimuli Requires Somatosensory Cortex Toshio Miyashita and Daniel E. Feldman ; Cerebral Cortex 2013 (link)

26) Cannabinoid Modulation of Backpropagating Action Potential-Induced Calcium Transients in Layer 2/3 Pyramidal Neurons Lawrence S. Hsieh and Eric S. Levine ; Cerebral Cortex 2013 (link)

27) Neural and Hemodynamic Responses Elicited by Forelimb- and Photo-stimulation in Channelrhodopsin-2 Mice: Insights into the Hemodynamic Point Spread Function Alberto L. Vazquez, Mitsuhiro Fukuda, Justin C. Crowley and Seong-Gi Kim ; Cerebral Cortex 2013 (link)

This blog post, which links to an article about how most people don’t make it to the end of articles they read online, was really interesting. So for those of you who made it to the end of this post…


Friday Paper List – Posted on Saturday June 8th

Some links to various things are below:

A write up about a new book that just came out on patient H.M. can be found here. I think it is pretty amazing to consider how big of a deal patient H.M. has been for the field of neuroscience. I don’t think it is a stretch at all to accredit what we learned from patient H.M. for creating the entire field of hippocampal research.

Addgene put up a special page just for optogenetic resources here.

Joshua Vogelstein posted a link to a very useful article on being a more effective writer here.

Ed Boyden tweeted a link to this very interesting article on “electroceuticals”. I think I smell a new buzzword being born.

Finally over at Labrigger, one of my favorite blogs, it was brought to my attention that MATLAB 2013a natively supports the Microsoft Kinect which is really cool!

Alright on to the papers! Get excited! … but not too excited, make sure you land on your feet 🙂

1) Mapping brain circuitry with a light microscope Pavel Osten & Troy W Margrie ; Nature Methods 2013 (link)

  • a nice overview of where things are

2) Stepwise acquisition of vocal combinatorial capacity in songbirds and human infants Dina Lipkind, Gary F. Marcus, Douglas K. Bemis, Kazutoshi Sasahara, Nori Jacoby, Miki Takahasi, Kenta Suzuki, Olga Feher, Primoz Ravbar, Kazuo Okanoya & Ofer Tchernichovski ; Nature 2013 (link)

3) Neural coding during active somatosensation revealed using illusory touch Daniel H O’Connor, S Andrew Hires, Zengcai V Guo, Nuo Li, Jianing Yu, Qian-Quan Sun, Daniel Huber & Karel Svoboda ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

  • I could write an entire post about this paper. I am a big fan of the work from the Svoboda lab. I think this paper exemplifies beautifully a thorough and well executed use of optogenetics to answer a scientific question. Also I have to plug one of my favorite papers from Matthew Diamond’s lab when thinking about this paper. Both take inspiration from the work of Ranulfo Romo.

4) Impact of Neuronal Properties on Network Coding: Roles of Spike Initiation Dynamics and Robust Synchrony Transfer Stephanie Ratte ́ , Sungho Hong, Erik De Schutter, and Steven A. Prescott ; Neuron 2013 (link)

  • this is a paper I’m really looking forward to reading!

5) A Bayesian approach for characterizing direction tuning curves in the supplementary motor area of behaving monkeys Hadas Taubman, Eilon Vaadia, Rony Paz and Gal Chechik ; J Neurophys 2013 (link)

6) Imaging of Neural Ensemble for the Retrieval of a Learned Behavioral Program Tazu Aoki, Masae Kinoshita, Ryo Aoki, Masakazu Agetsuma, Hidenori Aizawa, Masako Yamazaki, Mikako Takahoko, Ryunosuke Amo, Akiko Arata, Shin-ichi Higashijima, Takashi Tsuboi, and Hitoshi Okamoto ; Neuron 2013 (link)

7) A Mechanistic Understanding of the Role of Feedforward Inhibition in the Mammalian Sound Localization Circuitry Michael T. Roberts, Stephanie C. Seeman, and Nace L. Golding ; Neuron 2013 (link)

8) Directional Hearing by Linear Summation of Binaural Inputs at the Medial Superior Olive Marcel van der Heijden, Jeannette A.M. Lorteije, Andrius Plauska, Michael T. Roberts, Nace L. Golding, and J. Gerard G. Borst ; Neuron 2013 (link)

9) Decorrelating Action of Inhibition in Neocortical Networks Tanya Sippy and Rafael Yuste ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

10) Hebbian and Anti-Hebbian Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity of Human Cortico-Cortical Connections Giacomo Koch, Viviana Ponzo, Francesco Di Lorenzo, Carlo Caltagirone, and Domenica Veniero ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

11) Matching Recall and Storage in Sequence Learning with Spiking Neural Networks Johanni Brea, Walter Senn, and Jean-Pascal Pfister ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

12) Spinal Commissural Connections to Motoneurons Controlling the Primate Hand and Wrist Demetris S. Soteropoulos, Steve A. Edgley, and Stuart N. Baker ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

13) Whisker Dynamics Underlying Tactile Exploration S. Andrew Hires, Alexander L. Efros, and Karel Svoboda ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

  • Oh did I forget to mention Dr. Svoboda’s lab put out not one but two quality papers this week? My bad. Yeah that happened 🙂 This one is a definitely for a more limited audience as it focus on the nitty gritty details of the whisker mechanics. However the whisker community is an important one for the field of sensory systems neuroscience. Not that I’m biased or anything 🙂

14) Continuous Flash Suppression Modulates Cortical Activity in Early Visual Cortex Shlomit Yuval-Greenberg and David J. Heeger ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

15) Prefrontal-Temporal Disconnection Impairs Recognition Memory but Not Familiarity Discrimination Philip G.F. Browning, Mark G. Baxter, and David Gaffan ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

16) System-Like Consolidation of Olfactory Memories in Drosophila Isaac Cervantes-Sandoval, Alfonso Martin-Pen ̃a, Jacob A. Berry, and Ronald L. Davis ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

17) Hippocampal signatures of episodic memory: evidence from single-unit recording studies Amy L. Griffin and Henry L. Hallock ; Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 2013 (link)

18) Combinatorial brain decoding of people’s whereabouts during visuospatial navigation Hans P. Op de Beeck, Ben Vermaercke, Daniel G. Woolley and Nicole Wenderoth ; Frontiers in Neuroscience 2013 (link)

19) A role for anterior thalamic nuclei in contextual fear memory A. Marchand, A. Fauge`re, E. Coutureau, M. Wolff ; Brain Structure and Function 2013 (link)

20) Decoding the neural mechanisms of human tool use Jason P Gallivan, D Adam McLean, Kenneth F Valyear, Jody C Culham ; eLife 2013 (link)

  • Watching the brain in action Bradford Z Mahon ; eLife 2013 (link)

Friday Paper List – Posted Saturday June 1st

Sorry for the late post… it seems that no matter how hard I try to keep on schedule, I keep falling off every once in a while…

But there are plenty of good papers listed below!

1) Distinct behavioural and network correlates of two interneuron types in prefrontal cortex D. Kvitsiani, S. Ranade, B. Hangya, H. Taniguchi, J. Z. Huang & A. Kepecs ; Nature 2013 (link)

I think this is a great paper and an exciting demonstration of a link between neuronal cell types and behavior. Furthermore I am a big fan of their SALT method for using careful statistical analysis to identify neurons targeted using optogenetics. 

2) Rats maintain an overhead binocular field at the expense of constant fusion Damian J. Wallace, David S. Greenberg, Juergen Sawinski, Stefanie Rulla, Giuseppe Notaro & Jason N. D. Kerr ; Nature 2013 (link)

In my opinion this is a really fantastic paper! Check out the supplementary videos if you can!

3) Tracking Individuals Shows Spatial Fidelity Is a Key Regulator of Ant Social Organization Danielle P. Mersch, Alessandro Crespi, Laurent Keller ; Science 2013 (link)

This paper is definitely out of my field, but I still can’t get enough of these papers tracking ants. I find them really fascinating.

4) A causal link between prediction errors, dopamine neurons and learning Elizabeth E Steinberg, Ronald Keiflin, Josiah R Boivin, Ilana B Witten, Karl Deisseroth & Patricia H Janak ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

5) Robust timing and motor patterns by taming chaos in recurrent neural networks Rodrigo Laje & Dean V Buonomano ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

This paper gives me an excuse to share this lovely animated GIF demonstrating the fine line between motor patterns and chaos 🙂 Maybe some motor patterns are chaos… 🙂

6) Selective and graded coding of reward uncertainty by neurons in the primate anterodorsal septal region Ilya E Monosov & Okihide Hikosaka ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

  • The uncertainty of it all Adam Kepecs ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

7) Attention during natural vision warps semantic representation across the human brain Tolga Çukur, Shinji Nishimoto, Alexander G Huth & Jack L Gallant ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

8) Responses of pulvinar neurons reflect a subject’s confidence in visual categorization Yutaka Komura, Akihiko Nikkuni, Noriko Hirashima, Teppei Uetake & Aki Miyamoto ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

9) Hippocampal ‘‘Time Cells’’: Time versus Path Integration Benjamin J. Kraus, Robert J. Robinson II, John A. White, Howard Eichenbaum, and Michael E. Hasselmo ; Neuron 2013 (link)

  • Cognitive Neuroscience: Time, space and memory Gyorgi Buzsaki ; Nature 2013 (link)

10) Molecular layer perforant path-associated cells contribute to feed-forward inhibition in the adult dentate gyrus Yan Li, Floor J. Stam, James B. Aimone, Martyn Goulding, Edward M. Callaway, and Fred H. Gage ; PNAS 2013 (link)

11) Distinct preplay of multiple novel spatial experiences in the rat George Dragoi and Susumu Tonegawa ; PNAS 2013 (link)

12) Subdivisions and Anatomical Boundaries of the Subthalamic Nucleus Anneke Alkemade ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

13) Dysmyelination of Auditory Afferent Axons Increases the Jitter of Action Potential Timing during High-Frequency Firing Jun Hee Kim, Robert Renden, and Henrique von Gersdorff ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

14) GABAergic Circuits Control Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity Vincent Paille, Elodie Fino, Kai Du, Teresa Morera-Herreras, Sylvie Perez, Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski and Laurent Venance ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

15) Peripheral Deafferentation-Driven Functional Somatosensory Map Shifts Are Associated with Local, Not Large-Scale Dendritic Structural Plasticity Vanessa Schubert, Daniel Lebrecht, and Anthony Holtmaat ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

16) Conflicts between Local and Global Spatial Frameworks Dissociate Neural Representations of the Lateral and Medial Entorhinal Cortex Joshua P. Neunuebel, D. Yoganarasimha, Geeta Rao and James J. Knierim ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

17) Attending Multiple Items Decreases the Selectivity of Population Responses in Human Primary Visual Cortex David E. Anderson, Edward F. Ester, John T. Serences, and Edward Awh ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

18) A Physical Constraint on Perceptual Learning: Tactile Spatial Acuity Improves with Training to a Limit Set by Finger Size Michael Wong, Ryan M. Peters, and Daniel Goldreich ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

19) The flexDrive: an ultra-light implant for optical control and highly parallel chronic recording of neuronal ensembles in freely moving mice Jakob Voigts, Joshua H. Siegle, Dominique L. Pritchett and Christopher I. Moore ; Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience 2013 (link)

This is from the guys behind Open-Ephys. I recommend checking it out if you haven’t already!

20) Local connections of excitatory neurons in motor-associated cortical areas of the rat Takeshi Kaneko ; Frontiers in Neural Circuits 2013 (link)

21) Formation of three-dimensional carbon microstructures via two-photon microfabrication and microtransfer molding Yuya Daicho, Terumasa Murakami, Tsuneo Hagiwara, and Shoji Maruo ; Optical Materials Express 2013 (link)

I ran across this paper in the context of having tons of potential for microfabrication of  electrodes.

22) Points of view: Plotting symbols Martin Krzywinski & Bang Wong ; Nature Methods 2013 (link)

If you haven’t seen any of these pieces in Nature Methods on figure design, I think they are great.

23) Review of The Access Principle by John Willinsky Scott Aaronson ; SIGACT News 2013 (link)

This paper makes some very important points and I think everyone in science should read it! I think the current model for academic publishing is a broken one and pieces like this are important for leading to much needed change.

This reminds me, earlier this week I shared this blog with a friend for the first time and he asked why I don’t post links to download the PDFs of these papers directly. I wish I could. It really bothers me that for the majority of people these links will take them to sites blocked by pay walls unless you are on a university network that pays the huge fees for subscriptions to these journals.

24) Method man Kerri Smith ; Nature 2013 (link)

This great article about Karl Deisseroth reveals a startling truth!!


There is a very important question we need to ask ourselves:

Has anyone really ever seen Dr. Deisseroth and Method Man together in the same room?

I think the answer speaks for itself…