Friday Paper List – Saturday March 30th

I have decided I am too stubborn to change the title of these posts from Friday Paper Lists, even though I hardly ever make the post on Friday’s anymore.

As something a little new and different for this week, I wanted to include a few links from non-journal articles that caught my attention. I spend a lot of my time reading articles about how the funding and publications systems are broken and desperately need to change. Here are a few that came up recently. Also I should point out, when it comes to most of these articles reading the comments, if there is a comment section, is really interesting!

Pre-publication peer review can fall short anywhere

Publishing: Open to possibilities

What’s Wrong With “Publish or Perish”?

Scholarship: Beyond the paper

The Past, Present and Future of Scholarly Publishing

Will technology deliver for ‘big neuroscience’?

In other brief news Raphael Yuste tweeted that this coming Tuesday president Obama will make an announcement about the BAM initiative. Looking forward to hearing any new details and seeing how it is received…

On to the papers!

1) The role of long-range connections on the specificity of the macaque interareal cortical network Nikola T. Markov, Maria Ercsey-Ravasz, Camille Lamy, Ana Rita Ribeiro Gomes, Loïc Magrou, Pierre Misery, Pascale Giroud, Pascal Barone, Colette Dehay, Zoltán Toroczkai, Kenneth Knoblauch, David C. Van Essen, and Henry Kennedy ; PNAS 2013 (link)

2) Inhibitory Interneurons Decorrelate Excitatory Cells to Drive Sparse Code Formation in a Spiking Model of V1 Paul D. King, Joel Zylberberg, and Michael R. DeWeese ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

3) Fear Conditioning Enhances Gamma Oscillations and Their Entrainment of Neurons Representing the Conditioned Stimulus Drew B. Headley and Norman M. Weinberger; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

4) The Rat Prefrontostriatal System Analyzed in 3D: Evidence for Multiple Interacting Functional Units Philippe Mailly, Verena Aliane, Henk J. Groenewegen, Suzanne N. Haber, and Jean-Michel Deniau ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

5) Oscillatory Entrainment of Primary Somatosensory Cortex Encodes Visual Control of Tactile Processing Kay Sieben, Brigitte Röder, and Ileana L. Hanganu-Opatz; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

6) Coordinated Population Activity Underlying Texture Discrimination in Rat Barrel Cortex Houman Safaai, Moritz von Heimendahl, Jose M. Sorando, Mathew E. Diamond, and Miguel Maravall ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

7) Learning Increases Intrinsic Excitability of Hippocampal Interneurons Bridget M. McKay, M. Matthew Oh, and John F. Disterhoft ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

8) Engineered Deafness Reveals That Mouse Courtship Vocalizations Do Not Require Auditory Experience Elena J. Mahrt, David J. Perkel, Ling Tong, Edwin W Rubel, and Christine V. Portfors; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

9) A Role for the Medial Temporal Lobe in Feedback-Driven Learning: Evidence from Amnesia Karin Foerde, Elizabeth Race, Mieke Verfaellie, and Daphna Shohamy ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

10) Deep brain stimulation restores frontostriatal network activity in obsessive-compulsive disorder Martijn Figee, Judy Luigjes, Ruud Smolders, Carlos-Eduardo Valencia-Alfonso, Guido van Wingen, Bart de Kwaasteniet, Mariska Mantione, Pieter Ooms, Pelle de Koning, Nienke Vulink, Nina Levar, Lukas Droge, Pepijn van den Munckhof, P Richard Schuurman, Aart Nederveen, Wim van den Brink, Ali Mazaheri, Matthijs Vink & Damiaan Denys ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

11) Neural pattern similarity predicts long-term fear memory Renée M Visser, H Steven Scholte, Tinka Beemsterboer & Merel Kindt ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

12) Summary statistics in auditory perception Josh H McDermott, Michael Schemitsch & Eero P Simoncelli ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

Commentary on the article above:

An ear for statistics Israel Nelken & Alain de Cheveigné ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

13) Enriched Encoding: Reward Motivation Organizes Cortical Networks for Hippocampal Detection of Unexpected Events Vishnu P. Murty and R. Alison Adcock ; Cerebral Cortex 2013 (link)

14) Qualia could arise from information processing in local cortical networks Roger Orpwood ; Frontiers in Consciousness Research 2013 (link)

15) Simple Precision Creation of Digitally Specified, Spatially Heterogeneous, Engineered Tissue Architectures Umut Atakan Gurkan , Yantao Fan , Feng Xu , Burcu Erkmen , Emel Sokullu Urkac ,  Gunes Parlakgul , Jacob Bernstein , Wangli Xing , Edward S. Boyden ,and Utkan Demirci ; Advances Materials 2013 (link)

Finally I wanted to share a link that Ed Boyden tweeted about to a course being offered at Standford this spring that he will be a guest lecturer for called CS379C: Computational Models of the Neocortex. The instructor is Dr. Thomas Dean who works for Google. The course looks really cool! I especially enjoyed looking at the slides Dr. Dean posted for his first lecture titled, Scalable Neuroscience and the Brain Activity Mapping Project. I really like these two slides on “Numbers Every Neuroscientists Ought to Know”. They don’t have citations and sometimes I get a little uneasy when numbers like these get thrown around, but I think they are fine for a general picture. Enjoy!


Friday Paper list – Saturday March 23rd

I might need to seriously consider changing the title of these Friday Paper List posts……

There were tons of really exciting papers published this week! It’s a lot to chew on.

1) Nanotools for Neuroscience and Brain Activity Mapping A. Paul Alivisatos, Anne M. Andrews, Edward S. Boyden, Miyoung Chun, George M. Church, Karl Deisseroth, John P. Donoghue, Scott E. Fraser, Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Loren L. Looger, Sotiris Masmanidis, Paul L. McEuen, Arto V. Nurmikko, Hongkun Park, Darcy S. Peterka, Clay Reid, Michael L. Roukes, Axel Scherer, Mark Schnitzer, Terrence J. Sejnowski, Kenneth L. Shepard, Doris Tsao, Gina Turrigiano, Paul S. Weiss, Chris Xu, Rafael Yuste, and Xiaowei Zhuang ; ACSNano 2013 (link)

To continue with the whole BAM thing, here is the most recent paper on the subject. While this paper adds a little more substance, in my opinion these ideas and insights are nothing new, but rather an overview of progress shared by the entire neuroscience community. So while I appreciate these folks are excited about where things are headed; getting together and publishing papers on how the field can move forward is the easy part. It will be the implementation of these ideas that will matter.

2) Whole-brain functional imaging at cellular resolution using light-sheet microscopy Misha B Ahrens & Philipp J Keller ; Nature Neuroscience Methods 2013 (link)

Speaking of implementation, how about this paper! I mean let’s be honest for a second; when the BAM “initiative” talks about recording the activity of every single neuron in the brain some might be a little skeptical. In fact the idea of recording the activity of every single neuron in the brain might elicit a reaction like the one below.

Wait…you want to do what?!

But again… seriously… these two recorded the activity of every single neuron in a zebrafish. Make sure and take that in for a second. Got it? OK good. Well Misha and Philipp are already doing that. Heck recording the activity of every single neuron was so last month. I think I will go ahead and submit my proposal for SuperBAM where we are going to monitor the activity of every single molecule in the brain. I mean c’mon, we need a real challenge.

BAM accomplished. Brain = solved. Moving on.

3) Predicting free choices for abstract intentions Chun Siong Soon, Anna Hanxi He, Stefan Bode, and John-Dylan Haynes ; PNAS 2013 (link)

A new spin on the “we can predict what you are going to do before you do it”. I’m not familiar off the top of my head how far in advance predictions have been, but I think the 4 seconds in this paper is pretty impressive. 4 seconds is a really long time!

4) Contrasting effects on path integration after hippocampal damage in humans and rats Soyun Kim, Maya Sapiurka, Robert E. Clark, and Larry R. Squire ; PNAS 2013 (link)

5) Retrograde monosynaptic tracing reveals the temporal evolution of inputs onto new neurons in the adult dentate gyrus and olfactory bulb Aditi Deshpande, Matteo Bergami, Alexander Ghanem, Karl-Klaus Conzelmann, Alexandra Lepier, Magdalena Götz, and Benedikt Berninger ; PNAS 2013 (link)

6) Motor control during sleep and wakefulness: Clarifying controversies and resolving paradoxes Michael H. Chase ; Sleep Medicine Reviews 2013 (link)

7) Thermal and optical characterization of micro-LED probes for in vivo optogenetic neural stimulation Niall McAlinden, David Massoubre, Elliot Richardson, Erdan Gu, Shuzo Sakata, Martin D. Dawson, and Keith Mathieson ; Optics Letters 2013 (link)

8) From Optogenetic Technologies to Neuromodulation Therapies Justin C. Williams and Timothy Denison ; Science Translational Medicine 2013 (link)

9) Optogenetics and Translational Medicine Brian Y. Chow and Edward S. Boyden ; Science Translational Medicine 2013 (link)

10) Detection of a Temporal Error Triggers Reconsolidation of Amygdala-Dependent Memories Lorenzo D ́ıaz-Mataix, Raquel Chacon Ruiz Martinez, Glenn E. Schafe, Joseph E. LeDoux, and Vale ́rie Doye`re ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

And a nice commentary on the article above can be found here:

Memory Reconsolidation: Time to Change Your Mind Matthew R. Bailey and Peter D. Balsam ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

11) Near-Real-Time Feature-Selective Modulations in Human Cortex Javier O. Garcia, Ramesh Srinivasan, and John T. Serences ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

12) Dopamine regulates intrinsic excitability thereby gating successful induction of spike timing-dependent plasticity in CA1 of the hippocampus Elke Edelmann and Volkmar Lessmann ; Fronteirs in Neuroscience 2013 (link)

13) Distinct extended amygdala circuits for divergent motivational states Joshua H. Jennings, Dennis R. Sparta, Alice M. Stamatakis, Randall L. Ung, Kristen E. Pleil, Thomas L. Kash & Garret D. Stuber ; Nature 2013 (link)

14) Diverging neural pathways assemble a behavioural state from separable features in anxiety Sung-Yon Kim, Avishek Adhikari, Soo Yeun Lee, James H. Marshel, Christina K. Kim, Caitlin S. Mallory, Maisie Lo, Sally Pak, Joanna Mattis, Byung Kook Lim, Robert C. Malenka, Melissa R. Warden, Rachael Neve, Kay M. Tye & Karl Deisseroth ; Nature 2013 (link)

There was a nice commentary on the above two Nature articles here:

Anxiety is the sum of its parts Joshua P. Johansen ; Nature 2013 (link)

15) A multi-directional backlight for a wide-angle, glasses-free three-dimensional display David Fattal, Zhen Peng, Tho Tran, Sonny Vo, Marco Fiorentino1, Jim Brug & Raymond G. Beausoleil ; Nature 2013 (link)

This article has very little to do with Neuroscience directly…but it is really awesome.

16) Spatial and Temporal Scales of Neuronal Correlation in Visual Area V4 Matthew A. Smith and Marc A. Sommer ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

17) Shifting Attentional Priorities: Control of Spatial Attention through Hemispheric Competition Sara M. Szczepanski and Sabine Kastner ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

18) Sustained Multifocal Attentional Enhancement of Stimulus Processing in Early Visual Areas Predicts Tracking Performance Viola S. Sto ̈rmer, Gesche N. Winther, Shu-Chen Li, and Søren K. Andersen ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

19) Synaptic Mechanisms Underlying Functional Dichotomy between Intrinsic-Bursting and Regular-Spiking Neurons in Auditory Cortical Layer 5 Yujiao J. Sun, Young-Joo Kim, Leena A. Ibrahim, Huizhong W. Tao, and Li I. Zhang ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

20) Optical Dissection of Odor Information Processing In Vivo Using GCaMPs Expressed in Specified Cell Types of the Olfactory Bulb Matt Wachowiak, Michael N. Economo, Marta Díaz-Quesada, Daniela Brunert, Daniel W. Wesson, John A. White, and Markus Rotherme ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

Funny thing, I know the journals aren’t necessarily competing every week.. but for whatever reason I thought Neuron really rocked this issue! So many articles that look really interesting. 7 listed below!

21) Hippocampal SWR Activity Predicts Correct Decisions during the Initial Learning of an Alternation Task Annabelle C. Singer, Margaret F. Carr, Mattias P. Karlsson, and Loren M. Frank ;  ; Neuron 2013 (link)

Commentary on the article above:

Hippocampus: Remembering the Choices Howard Eichenbaum  ; Neuron 2013 (link)

22) The Theta-Gamma Neural Code John E. Lisman and Ole Jensen ; Neuron 2013 (link)

23) Making Waves: Initiation and Propagation of Corticothalamic Ca2+ Waves In Vivo Albrecht Stroh, Helmuth Adelsberger, Alexander Groh, Charlotta Ru ̈ hlmann, Sebastian Fischer, Anja Schierloh, Karl Deisseroth, and Arthur Konnerth ; Neuron 2013 (link)

Commentary on the article above:

Generating Waves in Corticothalamocortical Networks Jason C. Wester and Diego Contrera ; Neuron 2013 (link)

24) Odorant Response Properties of Individual Neurons in an Olfactory Glomerular Module Shu Kikuta, Max L. Fletcher, Ryota Homma, Tatsuya Yamasoba, and Shin Nagayama ; Neuron 2013 (link)

25) Neuronal Morphology Goes Digital: A Research Hub for Cellular and System Neuroscience Ruchi Parekh and Giorgio A. Ascoli ; Neuron 2013 (link)

26) Inhibition of Mediodorsal Thalamus Disrupts Thalamofrontal Connectivity and Cognition Sebastien Parnaudeau, Pia-Kelsey O’Neill, Scott S. Bolkan, Ryan D. Ward, Atheir I. Abbas, Bryan L. Roth, Peter D. Balsam, Joshua A. Gordon and Christoph Kellendonk ; Neuron 2013 (link)

27) Selection of distinct populations of dentate granule cells in response to inputs as a mechanism for pattern separation in mice Wei Deng, Mark Mayford, Fred H Gage ; eLife 2013 (link)

Commentary on the article above: …. yes there are two commentaries from Eichenbaum this week in different journals 🙂

What’s new is older Lara M Rangel and Howard Eichenbaum ; eLife 2013 (link)

28) Convergence of pontine and proprioceptive streams onto multimodal cerebellar granule cells Cheng-Chiu Huang, Ken Sugino, Yasuyuki Shima, Caiying Guo, Suxia Bai, Brett D Mensh, Sacha B Nelson, Adam W Hantman ; eLife 2013 (link)

Commentary on the article above:

Multitasking on the run Mare E Hatten and Stephen G Lisberger ; eLife 2013 (link)

29)  Sweet Puppies and Cute Babies: Perceptual Adaptation to Babyfacedness Transfers across Species Jessika Golle,Stephanie Lisibach, Fred W. Mast, Janek S. Lobmaier ; PLoS One 2013  (link)

Someone I follow on twitter pointed out this paper. I think what’s great about the paper is there is not one picture of a cute baby or puppy. Not one figure! I mean come on, not even one, with a title like that?! I like it.

This also reminded me of a neat paper from Chris Moore’s lab showing transfer of aftereffects from motion adaptation across two sensory modalities. Pretty neat!

Motion Aftereffects Transfer between Touch and Vision Talia Konkle, Qi Wang, Vincent Hayward, and Christopher I. Moore ; Current Biology 2009 (link)

Friday Paper list – posted on Sunday March 17th

The papers just keep coming!

1) The Brain Activity Map A. Paul Alivisatos, Miyoung Chun, George M. Church, Karl Deisseroth, John P. Donoghue, Ralph J. Greenspan, Paul L. McEuen, Michael L. Roukes, Terrence J. Sejnowski, Paul S. Weiss, Rafael Yuste ; Science 2013 (link)

Terry Sejnowski gave a talk at the COSYNE meeting this year that I heard someone describe best when they called it a “pep rally”. Whether you decide to be excited or cynical about the BAM project proposal is up to you, but I have to admit I am sucker for  the ideas being proposed. When Dr. Sejnowski talked about a new “golden age” of neuroscience and how there is no more exciting time in neuroscience research than the present and upcoming future I tend to agree. BAM or no BAM I know I love neuroscience and share his excitement for where things are going.

On a related note, I have really enjoyed this neuroscience blog called Nucleus Ambiguous. I think it has provided a lot of great insight and coverage on the whole BAM thing.  I recommend checking it out for a much more in-depth understanding of what is going on.

2) A Neural Circuit for Memory Specificity and Generalization Wei Xu and Thomas C. Südhof ; Science 2013 (link)

3) Optogenetics in the behaving rat: integration of diverse new technologies in a vital animal model Kelly Zalocusky, Karl Deisseroth ; Optogenetics  2013 (link)

This is a particularly important paper for my own research. I think it is interesting that because they lack the vast library of genetic tools available in mice, specifically cre-driver lines,  I find the hurdles for implementation of optogenetics in rats similar to the ones that we find working in non-human primates. A lot of it boils down to viral injection techniques and promoter specificity. Of course I’m not saying rat optogenetics = monkey optogenetics… just pointing out that just because rats are lumped into the rodent category with mice doesn’t mean they have all of the genetic tricks.

Also this article is the first in a new journal called, “Optogenetics” !

4) A Multimodal Micro-Optrode Combining Field and Single Unit Recording, Multispectral Detection and Photolabeling Capabilities Suzie Dufour, Guillaume Lavertu, Sophie Dufour-Beause ́jour, Alexandre Juneau-Fecteau, Nicole Calakos, Martin Descheˆnes, Re ́al Valle ́e, Yves De Koninck ; PLoS ONE 2013 (link)

These next two are not exactly neuroscience related, but I still think they are interesting and relevant. Maybe an important reminder that model systems are model systems?

5) Genomic responses in mouse models poorly mimic human inflammatory diseases Junhee Seok, H. Shaw Warren, Alex G. Cuenca, Michael N. Mindrinos, Henry V. Baker, Weihong Xu, Daniel R. Richards, Grace P. McDonald-Smith, Hong Gao, Laura Hennessy, Celeste C. Finnerty, Cecilia M. López, Shari Honari, Ernest E. Moore, Joseph P. Minei, Joseph Cuschieri, Paul E. Bankey, Jeffrey L. Johnson, Jason Sperry, Avery B. Nathens, Timothy R. Billiar, Michael A. West, Marc G. Jeschke, Matthew B. Klein, Richard L. Gamelli, Nicole S. Gibran, Bernard H. Brownstein, Carol Miller-Graziano, Steve E. Calvanor, Philip H. Masone, J. Perren Cobbs, Laurence G. Rahmet, Stephen F. Lowryr, Ronald V. Maier, Lyle L. Moldawer, David N. Herndon, Ronald W. Davisa, Wenzhong Xiao, Ronald G. Tompkinst, and the Inflammation and Host Response to Injury, Large Scale Collaborative Research Program ; PNAS 2013 (link)

6) The Genomic and Transcriptomic Landscape of a HeLa Cell Line Jonathan J. M. Landry, Paul Theodor Pyl, Tobias Rausch, Thomas Zichner1, Manu M. Tekkedil, Adrian M. Stütz, Anna Jauch, Raeka S. Aiyar, Gregoire Pau, Nicolas Delhomme, Julien Gagneur, Jan O. Korbel, Wolfgang Huber and Lars M. Steinmetz ; G3 2013 (link)

Interesting commentary on the above:

Most popular human cell in science gets sequenced. The HeLa cell genome is riddled with errors, raising questions about its continued use. Ewen Callaway ; Nature 2013 (link)

7) Development of transgenic animals for optogenetic manipulation of mammalian nervous system function: Progress and prospects for behavioral neuroscience Jonathan T. Ting, Guoping Feng ; Behavioural Brain Research 2013 (link)

Also relevant to #3 above.

8) A shared inhibitory circuit for both exogenous and endogenous control of stimulus selection Shreesh P Mysore & Eric I Knudsen ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

9) Synaptic plasticity by antidromic firing during hippocampal network oscillations Olena Bukalo, Emilie Campan, Dax A. Hoffman, and R. Douglas Fields ; PNAS 2013 (link)

10) Sensory adaptation as optimal resource allocation Sergei Gepshtein, Luis A. Lesmes, and Thomas D. Albright ; PNAS 2013 (link)

11) Diverse Visual Features Encoded in Mouse Lateral Geniculate Nucleus Denise M. Piscopo, Rana N. El-Danaf, Andrew D. Huberman, and Cristopher M. Niell ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

Another topic that really caught my attention at this years’ COSYNE meeting was the discussion about visual system research in primates versus mice. This is a topic that I could definitely spend a whole blog post writing about.. so maybe I’ll try and do that…

12) Structure, Function, and Cortical Representation of the Rat Submandibular Whisker Trident Lydia The ́, Michael L. Wallace, Christopher H. Chen, Edith Chorev, and Michael Brecht ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

As an avid fan of Barrel Cortex research and the Barrel’s community I think this is AWESOME!!  Barrels & Tridents 🙂

Eager to see if the other members of the whisker/barrel crew have these tridents. I think this guy likes having his scratched.

13) The long and short of GABAergic neurons Antonio Caputi, Sarah Melzer, Magdalena Michael and Hannah Monyer ; Current Opinion in Neurobiology 2013 (link)

14) Network interactions: non-geniculate input to V1 Lars Muckli and Lucy S Petro ; Current Opinion in Neurobiology 2013 (link)

15) Visual cortical networks: of mice and men Steffen Katzner and Sarah Weigelt ; Current Opinion in Neurobiology 2013 (link)

16) Nanowire electrodes for high-density stimulation and measurement of neural circuits Jacob T. Robinson, Marsela Jorgolli and Hongkun Park ; Frontiers in Neural Circuits 2013 (link)

17) Cell and neuron densities in the primary motor cortex of primates Nicole A.Young, Christine E.Collins and Jon H. Kaas ; Frontiers in Neural Circuits 2013 (link)

As a short aside. I happen to have it on good authority that an extremely talented member of the Kaas lab, Christina Cerkevich, just earned her PhD. So I wanted to give her a shout out and say congratulations!

18) The hippocampus, a time machine that makes errors Gianfranco Dalla Barba and Valentina La Corte ; Trends in Cognitive Sciences 2013 (link)

19) A cellular mechanism for cortical associations: an organizing principle for the cerebral cortex Matthew Larkum ; Trends in Neurosciences 2012 (link)

20)  Upgrading the sleeping brain with targeted memory reactivation Delphine Oudiette and Ken A. Paller ; Trends in Neurosciences 2013 (link)

Friday Paper List – March 8th

Several new papers.

Happy to deliver them!

1) Source Memory in the Rat Jonathon D. Crystal, Wesley T. Alford, Wenyi Zhou, and Andrea G. Hohmann ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

Commentary on this paper here :

Episodic Memory: A Rat Model of Source Memory  Anthony A. Wright ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

A recent study using a novel procedure to test the memory of rats for a preferred (chocolate) reinforcement shows many key characteristics that define source memory and episodic memory in humans.

2) Traces of Experience in the Lateral Entorhinal Cortex Albert Tsao, May-Britt Moser, and Edvard I. Moser ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

3) A Fovea for Pain at the Fingertips Flavia Mancini, Chiara F. Sambo, Juan D. Ramirez, David L.H. Bennett, Patrick Haggard, and Gian Domenico Iannetti ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

4) Near-Real-Time Feature-Selective Modulations in Human Cortex Javier O. Garcia, Ramesh Srinivasan, and John T. Serences ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

5) Sniffing Behavior Communicates Social Hierarchy Daniel W. Wesson ; Current Biology 2013 (link)

This is a really interesting finding! Even though the entire point of this paper is that the behavior is independent of olfaction, I think it’s always important to remember how important olfaction is for so many animals used in research. While on the subject if you haven’t read this paper from Dmitry Rinberg’s lab (formerly at Janelia, but now at NYU) then I highly recommend you check it out!

6) Genetically encoded calcium indicators for multi-color neural activity imaging and combination with optogenetics Jasper Akerboom, Nicole Carreras Calderón, Lin Tian, Sebastian Wabnig, Matthias Prigge, Johan Tolö, Andrew Gordus, Michael B. Orger, Kristen E. Severi, John J. Macklin, Ronak Patel, Stefan R. Pulver, Trevor J. Wardill, Elisabeth Fischer, Christina Schüler, Tsai-Wen Chen, Karen S. Sarkisyan, Jonathan S. Marvin, Cornelia I. Bargmann, Douglas S. Kim, Sebastian Kügler, Leon Lagnado, Peter Hegemann, Alexander Gottschalk, Eric R. Schreiter and Loren L. Looger ; Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience 2013 (link)

Count of exciting new tool/methods paper = 1

7) Differential Control of Learning and Anxiety along the Dorsoventral Axis of the Dentate Gyrus Mazen A. Kheirbek, Liam J. Drew, Nesha S. Burghardt, Daniel O. Costantini, Lindsay Tannenholz, Susanne E. Ahmari, Hongkui Zeng, Andre ́ A. Fenton, and Rene ́ Hen ; Neuron 2013 (link)

Commentary on this paper here :

Illuminating Hippocampal Control of Fear Memory and Anxiety Neil M. Fournier and Ronald S. Duman ; Neuron 2013 (link)

8) Multiple Mechanisms Switch an Electrically Coupled, Synaptically Inhibited Neuron between Competing Rhythmic Oscillators Gabrielle J. Gutierrez, Timothy O’Leary, and Eve Marder ; Neuron 2013 (link)

9) Independent Category and Spatial Encoding in Parietal Cortex Chris A. Rishel, Gang Huang, and David J. Freedman ; Neuron 2013 (link)

10) Mechanisms Underlying Selective Neuronal Tracking of Attended Speech at a ‘‘Cocktail Party’’ Elana M. Zion Golumbic, Nai Ding, Stephan Bickel, Peter Lakatos, Catherine A. Schevon, Guy M. McKhann, Robert R. Goodman, Ronald Emerson, Ashesh D. Mehta, Jonathan Z. Simon, David Poeppel, and Charles E. Schroeder ; Neuron 2013 (link)

I really love the “cocktail party” phenomenon and use it as my go to example whenever trying to explain selective attention.

11) The Mental Cost of Cognitive Enhancement Teresa Iuculano and Roi Cohen Kadosh ; Journal of Neuroscience 2013 (link)

Well this is a bummer… but I’m not totally giving up on cognitive enhancement 🙂

12) Precise Neural Stimulation in the Retina Using Focused Ultrasound Michael D. Menz, O ̈ mer Oralkan, Pierre T. Khuri-Yakub, and Stephen A. Baccus ; Journal of Neuroscience 2013 (link)

Count of exciting new tool/methods paper = 2

13) Adaptation to Speed in Macaque Middle Temporal and Medial Superior Temporal Areas Nicholas S. C. Price and Richard T. Born ; Journal of Neuroscience 2013 (link)

14) Illusory Movement of Stationary Stimuli in the Visual Periphery: Evidence for a Strong Centrifugal Prior in Motion Processing Ruyuan Zhang, Oh-Sang Kwon, and Duje Tadin ; Journal of Neuroscience 2013 (link)

15) Fear Extinction Memory Consolidation Requires Potentiation of Pontine-Wave Activity during REM Sleep Subimal Datta and Matthew W. O’Malley ; Journal of Neuroscience 2013 (link)

16) The Critical Role of Sleep Spindles in Hippocampal- Dependent Memory: A Pharmacology Study Sara C. Mednick, Elizabeth A. McDevitt, James K. Walsh, Erin Wamsley, Martin Paulus, Jennifer C. Kanady, and Sean P. A. Drummond ; Journal of Neuroscience 2013 (link)

17) Cortical–Amygdalar Circuit Dysfunction in a Genetic Mouse Model of Serotonin Deficiency Kafui Dzirasa, Sunil Kumar, Benjamin D. Sachs, Marc G. Caron, and Miguel A. L. Nicolelis ; Journal of Neuroscience 2013 (link)

18) Frequency-specific network connectivity increases underlie accurate spatiotemporal memory retrieval Andrew J Watrous, Nitin Tandon, Chris R Conner, Thomas Pieters & Arne D Ekstrom ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

Commentary on this paper here :

Multiplexed memories: a view from human cortex Robert T Knight & Howard Eichenbaum ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

19) mTORC2 controls actin polymerization required for consolidation of long-term memory Wei Huang, Ping Jun Zhu, Shixing Zhang, Hongyi Zhou, Loredana Stoica, Mauricio Galiano, Krešimir Krnjević, Gregg Roman & Mauro Costa-Mattioli ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

20) Optical control of metabotropic glutamate receptors Joshua Levitz, Carlos Pantoja, Benjamin Gaub, Harald Janovjak, Andreas Reiner, Adam Hoagland, David Schoppik, Brian Kane, Philipp Stawski, Alexander F Schier, Dirk Trauner & Ehud Y Isacoff ; Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

Count of exciting new tool/methods paper = 3

21) Transient decline in rats’ hippocampal theta power relates to inhibitory stimulus-reward association Yuya Sakimotoa, Kozue Takedab, Kana Okadab, Minoru Hattoric, Shogo Sakata ; Behavioural Brain Research 2013 (link)

22) Differential Role of the Dorsal Hippocampus, Ventro-intermediate Hippocampus, and Medial Prefrontal Cortex in updating the Value of a Spatial Goal Paul De Saint Blanquat, Vincent Hok, Etienne Save, Bruno Poucet, and Franck A. Chaillan; Hippocampus 2013 (link)

23) Influence of Local Objects on Hippocampal Representations: Landmark Vectors and Memory Sachin S. Deshmukh and James J. Knierim ; Hippocampus 2013 (link)

24) A role for anterior thalamic nuclei in affective cognition: Interaction with environmental conditions Alexandra Dupire, Patricia Kant, Nicole Mons, Alain R. Marchand, Etienne Coutureau, John Dalrymple-Alford, Mathieu Wolff ; Hippocampus 2013 (link)

25) The medial and lateral entorhinal cortex both contribute to contextual and item recognition memory: A test of the binding of items and context model Michael R. Hunsaker, Victoria Chen, Giang T. Tran, Raymond P. Kesner ; Hippocampus 2013 (link)

26) Hippocampal lesions produce both nongraded and temporally graded retrograde amnesia in the same rat Gordon Winocur, Melanie J. Sekeres, Malcolm A. Binns, Morris Moscovitch ; Hippocampus 2013 (link)

27) On the role of retrosplenial cortex in long-lasting memory storage Cynthia Katche, Guido Dorman, Carolina Gonzalez, Cecilia P. Kramar, Leandro Slipczuk, Janine I. Rossato, Martin Cammarota, Jorge H. Medina ; Hippocampus 2013 (link)

28) Passive Dendrites Enable Single Neurons to Compute Linearly Non-separable Functions Romain Daniel Cazé ,Mark Humphries,Boris Gutkin ; PLOS Computational Biology 2013 (link)

29) Handling Ibuprofen Increases Pain Tolerance and Decreases Perceived Pain Intensity in a Cold Pressor Test Abraham M. Rutchick, Michael L. Slepian ; PLOS One 2013 (link

Count of exciting new tool/methods paper = 4. Instead of taking pain medications you can just toss around a box for a while.

Friday Paper List February 28th – posted on Sunday March 3rd

I missed last week’s post and this post is late…. I apologize to the millions of readers.

The problem as usual is trying not to lose focus when there are so many distractions.

Fortunately all of the distractions over the last two weeks have been good ones.

So this post is going to have two weeks worth of papers… brace yourself…

1) A Brain-to-Brain Interface for Real-Time Sharing of Sensorimotor Information Miguel Pais-Vieira, Mikhail Lebedev,Carolina Kunicki, Jing Wang & Miguel A. L. Nicolelis ; Scientific Reports 2013 (link)

2) Simultaneous Top-down Modulation of the Primary Somatosensory Cortex and Thalamic Nuclei during Active Tactile Discrimination Miguel Pais-Vieira, Mikhail A. Lebedev, Michael C. Wiest, and Miguel A. L. Nicolelis ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

3) In vivo quantitative proteomics of somatosensory cortical synapses shows which protein levels are modulated by sensory deprivation Margaret T. Butko, Jeffrey N. Savas, Beth Friedman, Claire Delahunty, Ford Ebner, John R. Yates III, and Roger Y. Tsien ; PNAS 2013 (link)

4) Elemental gesture dynamics are encoded by song premotor cortical neurons Ana Amador, Yonatan Sanz Perl, Gabriel B. Mindlin & Daniel Margoliash ; Nature 2013 (link)

5) Functional organization of human sensorimotor cortex for speech articulation Kristofer E. Bouchard, Nima Mesgarani, Keith Johnson & Edward F. Chang ; Nature 2013 (link)

6) Reading and writing the neural code Garrett B Stanley Nature Neuroscience 2013 (link)

7) An implantable wireless neural interface for recording cortical circuit dynamics in moving primates David A Borton, Ming Yin, Juan Aceros and Arto Nurmikko ; Journal of Neural Engineering 2013 (link)

8) Implantable Devices: Issues and Challenges Kateryna Bazaka and Mohan V. Jacob ; Electronics 2013 (link)

9) An FPGA-based platform for accelerated offline spike sorting Sarah Gibson, Jack W. Judy, Dejan Markovic ; J Neuroscience Methods 2013 (link)

10) Basic properties of somatosensory-evoked responses in the dorsal hippocampus of the rat Elisa Bellistri, Juan Aguilar , Jorge R. Brotons-Mas, Guglielmo Foffani, and Liset Menendez de la Prida ; Journal of Physiology 2013 (link)

11) What We Think before a Voluntary Movement Logan Schneider, Elise Houdayer, Ou Bai, and Mark Hallett ; Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 2013 (link)

12)  Recruitment of oriens-lacunosum-moleculare interneurons during hippocampal ripples Maria Pangalos, José R. Donoso, Jochen Winterer, Aleksandar R. Zivkovic, Richard Kempter, Nikolaus Maier, and Dietmar Schmitz ; PNAS 2013 (link)

13) A Transparent μECoG Array for Simultaneous Recording and Optogenetic Stimulation Peter Ledochowitsch, Elisa Olivero, Tim Blanche, and Michel M. Maharbiz ; IEEE 2013 (link)

14) Cell-type specific inactivation of hippocampal CA1 disrupts location-dependent object recognition in the mouse Jakob Haettig, Yanjun Sun, Marcelo A. Wood, and Xiangmin Xu ; Learning & Memory 2013 (link)

15) Conflict between place and response navigation strategies: Effects on vicarious trial and error (VTE) behaviors Brandy Schmidt, Andrew Papale, A. David Redish, and Etan J. Markus ; Learning & Memory 2013 (link)

16) Homologous involvement of striatum and prefrontal cortex in rodent and human water maze learning Daniel G. Woolley, Annelies Laeremans, Ilse Gantois, Dante Mantini, Ben Vermaercke, Hans P. Op de Beeck, Stephan P. Swinnen, Nicole Wenderoth, Lutgarde Arckens, and Rudi D’Hooge ; PNAS 2013 (link)

17) Parietal Oscillations Code Nonvisual Reach Targets Relative to Gaze and Body Verena N. Buchholz, Ole Jensen, and W. Pieter Medendorp ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

18) Transcription of the Immediate-Early Gene Arc in CA1 of the Hippocampus Reveals Activity Differences along the Proximodistal Axis That Are Attenuated by Advanced Age Andrea L. Hartzell, Sara N. Burke, Lan T. Hoang, James P. Lister, Crystal N. Rodriguez, and Carol A. Barnes ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

19) Prefrontal Cortex Focally Modulates Hippocampal Place Cell Firing Patterns Vincent Hok, Ehsan Chah, Etienne Save, and Bruno Poucet ; J Neuroscience 2013 (link)

20) Attentional enhancement of spatial resolution: linking behavioural and neurophysiological evidence Katharina Anton-Erxleben and Marisa Carrasco ; Nature Reviews Neuroscience 2013 (link)

21) The inner sense of time: how the brain creates a representation of duration Marc Wittmann ; Nature Reviews Neuroscience 2013 (link)

22) A Cholinergic Mechanism for Reward Timing within Primary Visual Cortex Alexander A. Chubykin, Emma B. Roach, Mark F. Bear, and Marshall G. Hussain Shuler ; Neuron 2013 (link)

23) NMDA Receptors Subserve Persistent Neuronal Firing during Working Memory in Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Min Wang, Yang Yang, Ching-Jung Wang, Nao J. Gamo, Lu E. Jin, James A. Mazer, John H. Morrison, Xiao-Jing Wang, and Amy F.T. Arnsten ; Neuron 2013 (link)

24) The Spectrotemporal Filter Mechanism of Auditory Selective Attention Peter Lakatos, Gabriella Musacchia, Monica N. O’Connel, Arnaud Y. Falchier, Daniel C. Javitt, and Charles E. Schroeder ; Neuron 2013 (link)

25) Gamma and the Coordination of Spiking Activity in Early Visual Cortex Xiaoxuan Jia, Seiji Tanabe, and Adam Kohn ; Neuron 2013 (link)

26) Alteration of Visual Perception prior to Microsaccades Ziad M. Hafed ; Neuron 2013 (link)

27) Enhanced Intrinsic Excitability in Basket Cells Maintains Excitatory-Inhibitory Balance in Hippocampal Circuits Emilie Campanac, Ce ́ lia Gasselin, Agne` s Baude,Sylvain Rama, Norbert Ankri, and Dominique Debanne ; Neuron 2013 (link)