Testing 1…2…3…

So I already don’t like the format of this theme.. I need links and menus on the side or something.. plus the font is huge..  Switched to a different one… maybe better..

Anyway the gist of a typical post would be kind of like the following (for this I will use papers that were referenced at a recent dinner conversation)

1. Layer-Specific Entrainment of Gamma-Band Neural Activity by the Alpha Rhythm in Monkey Visual Cortex Eelke Spaak, Mathilde Bonnefond, Alexander Maier, David A. Leopold, and Ole Jensen ; Current Biology 2012 (link)

2. Quantitative inference of population response properties across eccentricity from motion induced maps in macaque V1 Malte J Rasch1, Ming Chen, Si Wu, Haidong D Lu, and Anna W RoeJournal of Neurophysiology 2012 (link)

3. The smallest stroke: occlusion of one penetrating vessel leads to infarction and a cognitive deficit Andy Y Shih, Pablo Blinder, Philbert S Tsai, Beth Friedman, Geoffrey Stanley, Patrick D Lyden & David KleinfeldNature Neuroscience 2012 (link)

4. Hippocampal–cortical interaction during periods of subcortical silence     N. K. Logothetis, O. Eschenko, Y. Murayama, M. Augath, T. Steudel, H. C. Evrard, M. Besserve & A. Oeltermann ; Nature 2012 (link)

5. Decorrelated Neuronal Firing in Cortical Microcircuits Alexander S. Ecker, Philipp Berens, Georgios A. Keliris, Matthias Bethge, Nikos K. Logothetis, Andreas S. ToliasScience 2010 (link)

I guess if I want to be really nice and really snazzy I should include some sort of link for each one.. or is it not too much to ask someone to just copy and paste the title into google scholar? But then sometimes it might not show up? Then with links I have to worry about them being broken or linking something that requires institutional access? Personally I like to download the papers and supplementary material and then combine them into one single PDF. I guess the ultimate service would be if I made those and linked/posted them but I am pretty sure that is illegal.

Oh to test out a poll?

Alright, see how this works.

UPDATE: I started including links – figured it can’t hurt- but of course you need permissions to get the papers from them.

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